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More Bloody Black

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature forks, the Hell Stallion’s, are another product we have available in our limited edition colour called Bloody Black. Check them out below & at a shop near you now before they are all gone. For full details on Liam’s forks, click here now.



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Product highlight – Teddy Bars

Mick Bayzand is a street killer, there is no denying that fact. He takes more hard slams than almost anyone & still gets back up for more.

Mick rules & that one of the reasons we gave him his own signature bars late last year. Check them out in the new Bloody Black limited colour way below. These are available now while stocks last all over the planet.

If you need to know more on his bars, click here for the full scoop.



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Fantastic Plastic Pedals highlight

Our Fantastic Plastic pedals are available now in all good BMX stores near you & have already started to be on many bike shops best sellers lists. We wanted to make a pedal that was light weight, inexpensive & have a good grip. I think we achieved it but make your own decision on that fact. Check them out at a store near you now.


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Colonial Cranks highlight

Our Colonial cranks have been out for a while now & have been getting a bit of a following out there, partly due to their simple light weight design. Our cranks feature a 2.5 piece design utilising one bolt to hold them all together. Check out our products section for full details by clicking here.


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Strictly BMX at it again…

With yet another awesome Colony custom bike… this time using our Fluro Yellow colour way. Bloody Oath frame decked out with pretty everything we make in Yellow. Check it out below. For more info check the Strictly BMX website.


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Get it while it lasts…

Our Fluro Yellow colour way has landed in most countries by now & is selling fast. You can colour coordinate your entire bike in this colour if you so desire. All our parts as shown below are available as well as our frames, forks & pedals. Don’t delay though, as it is going fast & once it’s gone, it’s gone.


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Another custom from Strictly

The guys over at Strictly BMX sent over this pic of a custom Hell Stallion they have just built up using our Bloody Black & Polished colourways. It looks pretty sweet for sure. For more info on this actual bike check out the Strictly site by clicking here.


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Fantastic Plastic Pedals…

Are finally available in Australia at all good BMX stores. Hit up your local shop up now & if they don’t have them in stock, tell them to get in touch with us & get their order in.


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Finally, it’s arrived.

Finally, we have received our first shipment into Australia to be distributed directly out of Brisbane by ourselves.

This means that items like our Fantastic Plastic Pedals are being shipped to bike shops across Australia right now. Also be on the look out for our 3 new limited edition colour ways, Yellow (available on the full range), Bloody Black (frames, forks, bars & cranks) & Polished (alloy parts only).

Check with your local shop this weekend for all these items & more.

Thanks for everyone’s support & patience out there, I really do appreciate it. 




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Prototype hub guard

I have been working on this one here for a little while & finally got the first samples the other day. I am very happy with how this first sample came out. Once I get a few of the guys riding it we will see if it works as well as it looks.

Basically, the guard will only fit our hubs & you take off the non-drive side cone nut & replace it with the guard. It acts as your cone nut & a hub guard all in one. This design takes away the need to spread your rear end to fit it all in. Nice & simple.

It’s CNC machined from 7075T6 alloy & will come in all our colours. Expect it out no earlier than August this year. We will let you know how they test over the coming months.


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If you can read French…

Then check out this cool test on Liam’s Hell Stallion frame on Data BMX, which is one of the coolest BMX websites to come out of France. Many thanks go out to Francois from Data & the guys at Unleaded in France for hooking this up. Click here for the full test.


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Out now…

The Vans/Colony Whip 2 Ryan Guettler signature shoe is available now at major BMX shops in Australia. We are so very stoked to have teamed up with Vans on this project & are very happy with the final product. Make sure you go check these limited edition bad boys out soon & get yourself a piece of BMX history.

Ed note: For shops out there that want to stock these shoes you will need to contact Vans directly in your country, sorry we do not sell these shoes here at Colony.


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Product highlight – Endeavor complete bike.

If you are looking for a complete bike that is affordable, yet you can ride at a pro level straight out of the box, you have to take a close look at our 2009 Endeavor. It’s packed full of many of our own after market parts & others from brands like wethepeople. Click here for the full deal now & then check one out at a bike shop near you.


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Warranty guideline change

As of the 1st January, 2009 all our frames & forks will be offered with a one year warranty. This is regardless of any warranty offered previously.

Like most other BMX brands the offering of a lifetime warranty has been removed. We do realise this may cause some difficulties to some out there. But in the event that years from now your frame or fork, does actually fail (like all frames & forks will do given enough time) we will offer you a replacement frame or fork, at a greatly reduced price. We apologise for any troubles caused but please know we will look after you with a great price on a replacement, if or when the time arises.


Product highlight – Konka Bar ends

Our Konka bar ends were one of our first ever products developed & they have stood the test of time. I guess what else is a bar end meant to do hey? Available in all our colours & named after a good friends brand of TV set, Konka! Click here if you need more details.


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Fantastic Plastic pedals update

OK… it’s been more than a while since we started working on these but they are ready to ship now, finally. Please click here for full details on these babies. Expect them in stores all around the world, early in the new year. Good things do come to those who wait & thanks for those who have been waiting patiently.


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Product highlight – Bloody Oath frame

Our 2009 model Bloody Oath frame has been out for a few months now & it’s much improved over the 2008 model. It’s lighter, stronger & refined. Weighing in at a mere 4.4lbs or 1,936grams for the 21″ version, it’s one of the lighter frames out there today. Check out the specs here for the full scoop or check one out at a bike shop near you now.


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Next limited edition colours

Here are some sneak peaks at our next limited edition colours… Yellow & Bloody Black. Shown here on our Hell Stallion forks & our Official forks. You will be able to get our frames, forks, bars & cranks in Bloody Black. Yellow will be available on our entire range of parts. We will also have Polished on all our alloy parts.

These will be available around the world in the new year.



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Colony Poker Sets… available now.

Yes… we have done a very limited edition Colony Poker Set which will be only available in Australia for the time being. It comes in it’s own special aluminium case with 500 x Colony chips inside, two packs of cards, dealer chip & 5 x dice. What more could you want for your gambling addictions? Only 200 exist… so be quick !! Perhaps this is the perfect Christmas gift?




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Nick Richardson’s new bike

Nick Richardson has been on the long road to recovery from his knee surgery earlier this year & is nearing the end of it all. He still won’t be riding till about February but we got him a brand new bike so he at least has some transport to get around. Check it out below…

Frame: 2009 Bloody Oath 21.25
Fork: Official
Headset: Colony
Bars: Bloody Oath
Stem: Official
Cranks: Colonial
BB: Colony
Sprocket: Official 25T
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Hubs: Clone
Brake Lever: Transformer
Seat: Mid Pivotal
Seatpost: Pivotal
Pegs: Oneway Alloy




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2009 Endeavor…

Yes… finally they will be in bike shops across Australia next week! Thanks for everyone’s patience in waiting for these babies. But they will be worth the wait !!


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Flatland range online at Flatlandfuel

Our first offering of our flatland range is online at Flatlandfuel now. Check out Shane Badman’s Cube frame, our Pivotal seats from both Shane & Simon O’Brien, flatland pivotal post, Colonial flatland cranks and more by clicking here now.

We also have a Colony Cube frame as a giveaway in their Holiday Giveaway promotion. Check it out now.


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Matt King bike check…

Matt King recently put a bunch of new 2009 parts on his bike & here it is for you to check out. All these parts are available now at a store near you.

Matt’s Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: Hell Stallion 21.25
Fork: Hell Stallion
Headset: Colony
Stem: Official
Bars: Teddy
Barends: Konka
Cranks: Colonial
Sprocket: Official
BB Kit: Colony
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Hubs: Clone
Seat: Bones Mid Pivotal
Seatpost: Colony Pivotal
Pegs: Oneway CrMo




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2009 Pivotal Seats

Here is a small selection of the many new Pivotal seats we have available now at a store near you. Available in both Slim & Mid styles.

Tangerine Star in Black & Bones.

Ships & Splat.

Tangerine Star in White & Wings.

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Flatland products update

Here are some sneak peaks of our Jam Circle Sprocket & T.L.D Stem. Both of these are shipping at the end of the month & will be available in the USA & Australia pre-Xmas with the rest of world seeing them in the new year. Both Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien have been riding these for months now with great success.



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Teddy Bars at Strictly BMX

The guys at Strictly BMX just did a huge email out with Mick Bayzand’s signature bars, the Teddy Bars. Mick rules so support his cause & pick yourself up a set now.


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Official Stem

Since our Official Stem came out it has been one of the most sought after stems on the market & continues to do so. I guess it’s the fact that it’s light, strong, clean looking & simple. No gimmick wedge systems that never seem to work properly, no over-the-top-in-your-face cut outs, just a good looking stem that works how it’s meant to work. You can check the full details on Ryan’s stem by clicking here.



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Nothing ground breaking…

… But damn they look good !! Yeah, nothing technologically advanced in these headsets but they look the part & come in all the colours that we offer. So get those colour coordination efforts on track & pick one up at a shop near you.


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DejaVu Bars… soon.

Simon O’Brien’s signature bars are nearing completion on their first production run & here are some samples of them before they are painted. Expect these out pre-xmas in Australia & the USA & in selected other countries in the new year.



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More new colours for 2009

Today I inspected more of our 2009 products that are getting ready to ship soon. Shown below are our Bloody Black, Fluro Yellow & Polished limited colourways. Expect these all to be available pre-Xmas (in Australia & USA) & in the new year for the rest of the planet.




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