Yo !

Last week I flew to Melbourne for two Events going down in the same week that I wanted to be apart of. So I figured why not , I love Melbourne it’s such a amazing city , any reason to be there is good ! I was staying at Cooper Brownlees house , the Filmer for Colony BMX. We ended up filming a lot with our spare time and had a really productive week. I will have a new clip from my week in Melbourne dropping sometime in the next 2 weeks.

At the start of the week was Bendigo Bmx Jam that was for a Connections BMX shop . It was a awesome turn out and good to meet all the homies and ride with everyone. Then at the end of my stay there was another BMX jam that was a Street ride through the city. good to see so many Riders apart of it. I attached some photos from my week in Melbourne.

On the January 7th of Jan I go on a big roadtrip with some of the team for a week. It’s a shop Tour from Brisbane to Sydney to Canberra stopping at all main skateparks that Colony will be having big Jams at. And filming and shooting pics along the way and promoting my Signature frame , bars, forks & seat.

Mid Jan when I arrive home and My homie Dave from America is coming to stay at my house to film a new edit from Jan – Febuary. I filmed a lot with him when I was in USA this year and stoked to have him coming out and to be able to show him our amazing country. Gonna be good times. We have planned our own little road trip from Feb 1 – 12th. we are taking a week to drive down to SYD , Stopping at all the beaches etc. then spending 4 days in Sydney… Then finishing it off at a concert we all booked tickets for. I will be taking my little car and we will be camping the whole way there, Filming our own Web video.

Super Excited..

Then March I’m off to France to compete in Fise World coatest.



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