Hey guys, It’s been a while but to be honest not much has changed. I’ve been to see my private orthopedic surgeon three times now and she has given me some good and not so good news.

Basically the main issue with my knee is there is a badly healed piece of bone on my tibia that is connected to the torn ACL still. Good news is if I can build up enough muscle and and the pain goes away then it’s likely I won’t even need surgery. However if the pain stays and it doesn’t get better by the new year then I will be going in the get the piece of bone ground off and a full knee reconstruction. See how we go.

For now I’m see a sports physician and I’m looking forward to building muscle in the places I need it.

Hope everyone is good. Follow me on Instagram, seeing as I’m not riding I’ve been chucking up old fun clips from past edits. Good memories for sure! @tom_stretton


Until next time. Peace!