Hey everyone,
I hope you all are doing good and life is treating you well! It’s been a little while since my last check in and I thought I’d stop by real quick and say hello. I am still residing in Portland, Oregon and not too many things have changed. I stopped working for the Outer Rim bike shop because my other job became too busy to keep both. I am still going in to help here and there but I am not involved as much anymore. The shop became another focal point for BMX and Colony in Portland and I am happy for them.

Since my shift changed from 6am-2:30pm I found a lot more time to ride and work off my ‘to do’ list. I am loving the frontbrakebrethren and keep watching my BMX videos from ages ago. I will be going to the Baco Jam in Wisconsin in October together with Bobbie Altiser and this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I am also hoping to finally meet Dave Freimuth to at least say thanks after all these years for getting me into technical riding. I remember seing Axel Reichertz doing a nosepick on out self build quarterpipe and being blown away. A little bit after Axel showed me Baco 5 and that was my moment of truth and I knew that this was the type of riding I wanted to pursue after seing Dave Freimuth doing the most ridicolous tech tricks.

I am also going to build up my new prody frame which is at a powder coating place as we speak. I feel honored and can’t wait! Other than working and riding I spend time with my lovely wife and our three cats. We will be moving soon a little bit away from the city which I am very happy about because it’s just too much noise and I’d like to breathe a bit more actual air than exhaust gases. Last but not least I am working on a new edit. That’s it for now! Thank you for reading, stay healthy, have fun riding your bike and enjoy yourselves. Much love to you all! Cheers, -Paddy

Paddy Rocket Cancan Nosepick