So life gotten a bit crazy of late, got myself another restaurant job at Beach Burrito in the city, mad Mexican place thats blowin’ up, definitely worth checkin out! So I’ve been working there a bit which has taken over my weekends a but still getting out there on the pushy! I had Nick Gascoine out for a weekend, anyone that doesn’t know, he was a huge part of the content that got pumped throughout 2020 about 2 years ago, anyways it’s always good hanging out with my brother, just hittin the streets, unwaxed spots ha you know how we the nahyouritemate crew roll. Other then that the Backbone vid is getting shit happening, feels good to scare myself a little after filming for the Colony DVD, check out the Backbone ad in the next 2020 to see what’s up. While your at it check out Backbone site while you’re at it. They’ve always got the freshest Colony gear up in there! Other then that it’s just the same old Canberra. Talk to ya’s again soon .