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More from Valvo

I’ve been getting some great emails from Valvo lately with some nice shots. These are from a recent trip he took to Belo Horizonte-MG in Brazil.




Jack Kelly

Jack has been collecting some serious footage for his next web video, this may not be the craziest of moves but he was hyped on getting a photo of it and I am stoked on how it came out.


It’s the weekend

Since it’s the weekend, here are some recent videos to get you stoked too go ride!

New England Jam Chowder on this weekend

The 2nd annual New England Jam Chowder BMX Festival is on Sunday & our own Keith Treanor is over there repping for us & showing support for everyone involved. If you’re in the area no doubt you will already be making sure you’re there for the event. It’s set to be awesome. Get yourself there & have a blast & show support for all the awesome local bike shops in the area.


Yo yo !!

Day in the life with Alex & Ryan

I think this video really shows what these two are really like, they don’t take things too seriously and have a lot of fun doing so. Have a watch and enjoy your weekend.

Brazil trip updates

So every day or 2 I have been getting sent photos from the guys in Brazil documenting their trip and I must say I am very jealous. It really does look like they are having such a good time along with the locals, just seeing how stoked everyone is in these shots makes me love BMX more and more. Go ride.

Thanks to Renan Souza for the photos.






Welcome to the team – Mike Brennan

We are stoked to announce that one of New Jersey’s finest, Mike Brennan is now riding for Colony. I’ve known Mike for a little while now and everytime we would talk I could tell more and more that he was on the same page as us and things just fell into place from there. Next minute we are sending some product and the rest is history. I look forward to hanging out with Mike some more and collecting footage for future Colony projects because we all know he goes hard! – Cooper.

A few months back Cooper had told me that Mike had expressed interest and good words about what we have going on at Colony. I was stoked to hear this for sure. It wasn’t until a few months later that we had the chance to meet up at Interbike and right away from that first meeting, I knew this was going to happen. Mike is a down to earth guy with the right out look on BMX and life in general. I am stoked to have him a part of the family and I look forward to the years ahead. – Clint Millar.




Tom, Dean and Mick all pop up in this left overs section from the recent Antipodes DVD from the French magazine Soul. The DVD was filmed from a months trip 5 French riders took to Australia.

Bruno Faucon at Street Line

Bruno features throughout this video from the BMX Avenue Street Line contest which looks like it was a good time. Bruno scored 3rd in best trick for 2 of the rail comps which was great to see.

More from Brazil

Valvo sent through some more photos from the Brazil comp that the guys hit up. Like I said the other day, the guys have been having a blast thanks to our great distro over there Dream BMX. The guys are setting off on a little roadtrip for a few days before heading home, look out for more updates from the trip soon.




I also just spotted this clip of Millar riding the ramp, so stoked he pulled that last trick