Ryan Guettler opted out to come back to Australia this summer like he usually does. Read on below as to what he has been up too of late…

I just wanted to send every one a monthly web update and let every one know I haven’t fallen off earth yet and why im in the cold America and not in sunny summer Australia right now. Main reason is because I want to take advantage of all the spots around me and ride as hard as I can. I really want 2013 to be the best year yet.

So far I’m on the right track I did a road trip to Phoenix in my RV if you didn’t get to see it check the video..

I’m happy to announce that we are doing a web series based around the RV and the next trip leaves this Thursday to San Francisco. I really pumped on this web series I’ll be doing 6 road trips with different riders kinda like road fools which was a video I loved to watch as a kid. The best thing about the trips is it brings out my best riding and doing 6 stops before the comp session starts is only going to push me in the best way possible.

Also just finished a Vans shoes web edit, which should drop soon. Pumped on the edit I want to show the trails ive been digging and riding most days. There near my house and in the edit I want to show what I get up to there most days.

Yo yo !!