Paddy Gross sent in an update on what he has been up too….

Yo everyone !! Hope all of you are doing just fine and shredding as much as you can. I am doing fine over here good ol Germany and finally the weather is getting better.

I’ve been riding heaps of demos in the last couple months and I also hit up a contest in Innsbruck, Austria with my Vans teammates Tobias Wicke, Markus Braumann, Senad Grosic and Daniel Juchatz. We’ve had a pretty cool time and the location has been awesome. The whole wooden park was placed in the middle of the forrest in front of a huge mountain chain, seriously an amazing scenery. The ramps been very awesome and we’ve had a good time shredding. At the end Markus Braumann won this thing well deserved, I scored 2nd place followed by Tobias and so on. Cool trip, cool people and heaps of fun.

Then another super awesome thing happened haha. I wrote Zac Miner that after he taught me the saying “nahyourritemate” while I was in Australia, that this has been one of my favorite memories of my visit and I got it as a tattoo on my forearm. Since I have heaps of words who have huge meaning in my life written on my arm, that one was another one I had to write on it. So Zac was stoked and told me to send it over to Nick who does the nyrm stuff. So I did, he was stoked, told me about the brotherhood and added me straight to the team hahaha. I was so fucking stoked and it all happened while I was working in a nightshift at the porn store. Wow that’s even cooler than it was anyways. Now I am able to represent one of the most awesome countries I’ve ever seen and my mates as well, can’t be better than that.

I also have kinda bad news because I won’t make it to the Colony DVD premiere cause I am going to need my travel budget for all the upcoming contests in Europe and I am not able to earn enough money from my job for a plane ticket in such a short time, Unfortunately not all the girls need toys hahaha dang it though!

So the season pretty much just started and I’ll keep having fun on my little bike like you are. All the best to all of ya and thanks for reading.


Yo yo !!