Ryan recently put together his new signature frame, The Living, in one our new colours for 2012, Bright Purple.

These frames will be available around the world come September/October. Ryan’s frame will also be available in a complete bike as well. The first colourway on offer on these bikes will be pretty close to what you see here, Bright Purple with Black. The Living frame will come in 20.8, 21 & 21.25″ TT sizes. The complete bike will be built around a 20.8″ frame.

Frame: Colony The Living
Fork: Colony Dagger
Bars: Colony Dagger
Stem: Colony Official
Grips: Edwin Animal
Barends: ODI
Headset: Colony
Seatpost: Colony
Seat: Colony Focal Point V2
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket: Colony Official
Chain: KMC Light
Brakes: Colony Transformer
Cable: Odyssey
Brake Lever: Colony Transformer
Detangler: SNAFU
Front Tire: Colony 1.9 Agenda
Front Rim: Colony Contour
Front Hub: Colony Clone
Rear Tire: KHE
Rear Rim: Colony Contour
Rear Hub: Colony Clone Cassette
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Pegs: Colony Oneway Alloy

Yo yo !!