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Zac Miner signature frame…

Zac Miner has been killing it for a while now & clocking some serious clips of late for the cause. It was decided about 9 months ago that Zac would get his own signature frame with us. Well deserved for sure. I am proud to introduce the first sneak peaks of the Miner. Zac just got his together a few days ago & is loving it so far. These will be in stores worldwide come September this year. Check back soon for more info… thanks to the guys at Backbone for the photos. Click here now to read more about Zac on the Backbone site.

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Peta Shepherd fund raiser tee…

About 6 weeks ago we posted some bad news about Peta Shepherd falling hard & being taken to hospital. Well we wanted to help her out in some kind of way & one way we thought was to work with Peta on a special limited edition tee shirt with proceeds going towards her dental bills. She is recovering well & in fact rode only 2 weeks later. She still has a long road to full recovery with a mountain of bills.

Cooper & Peta worked together to bring this design to you, Peta wanted something that showed what BMX meant to her so this photo which was shot about six years ago in Portland (USA) on a roadtrip that Cooper was on, all the bikes and crew piled up in the back of a pick up truck travelling around towns hitting up parks and just enjoying BMX for what it is.

It will be available in Australia only through our dealer network across the country though due to logistics. For every tee shirt sold, we will donate $5.00 to Peta to help pay her bills. These will be available next week around the country at your favourite Colony dealer.

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GC Jam.

We are getting behind the GC Jam that is coming up to help raise funds for Kyle Baldock’s family who’s recently lost their brother/son. Our thoughts go out to Kyle and his family. Make sure you get down to the Goldcoast and show your support.

Fork buyer’s guide…

Ride BMX have a fork buyer’s guide over on their site right now. Click here now to check out our Dagger & Guardian forks.

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Worlds End Jam.

Recently the Wallsend Jam went down in NSW that we helped support. Organiser Adam Ingles said it was a really solid turnout and everyone had a blast! Good to see the guys getting things happening down on the central coast of NSW.

Welcome to the team… Steven Moxley

We are proud to announce that Steven Moxley is now repping Colony for us in Canada & abroad. Be on the look out for Steven on his new Rebirth frame decked out in Colony parts. Steven is currently in California clocking clips on a trip. Soon his team page will be online so check back soon. Welcome to the team mate !!

Frame: Rebirth
Fork: Dagger
Bars: Bull Bars
Headset: Colony
Stem: Variant
Cranks: Colonial V2
Sprocket: Official
BB Kit: Colony
Front Wheel: Contour
Rear Wheel: Contour
Seatpost: Colony

Photos thanks to Justen Soule.

Product update – Agenda 2.15 Tyres

To compliment our Agenda 1.9 tyres are our Agenda 2.15 tyres which arrive into Australia this week. Offered in both standard & folding styles they are sure to please. They will be available around the country at most Colony dealers by the end of the week. Click here now for more info on them.

These tyres will arrive in other countries in the weeks ahead or are available in selected countries right now.

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Random photo – Zac Miner

I forgot about this photo until I noticed it on our facebook page. Zac with a solid hanger from about 18 months ago.

Product update – Inception complete bike

Arriving in Australia this week & selected other countries soon after, is a whole new complete bike model for 2011 called the Inception. More details on it later but for those in Australia, keep an eye on your favourite Colony dealer later in the week.

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Simon O’Brien random edit…

Simon O’Brien recently sent up a bunch of footage that he had laying around in his hard drive. In between his work duties here in the warehouse, Glen McGlaughlin edited it together to make this mix of flatland & ramp trickery. Check it out, it’s well worth the look.

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Colony JoMoPro Flatland video…

We supported the JoMoPro Flatland comp went down over the weekend & below is the video as seen over on the Ride BMX site. Click here for more details on the placings. Thanks to everyone that turned out & supported what is already deemed as one of the better flatland comps of late.

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Brock Olive one clip

Brock Olive has a one clip over on the Focalpoint site.

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Night missions…

Marnold is up in Brisbane this weekend filming with us, last night we got the generator out and hit up a few spots. Lighting a spot up is like having a raining day spot, you will ride anything when there is little to ride under the circumstances. This spot I would ride anytime!

Shane Badman’s new bike…

Shane Badman just put together a new bike with some fresh new colours. You can read about the special paint job over on the Newcircle site by clicking here now. Check out his Colony parts list below…

Frame: Colony Cube 18″
Fork: Colony Cube
Headset: Colony headset
Stem: Colony TLD
Bars: Colony Cube V2
Levers: Colony Transformer V2
Front wheel: Colony Contour wheel
Pegs: Colony Jam Circle (rear drilled out to 14mm)
Seat: Colony Flatland
Seatpost: Colony Flatland 330mm
Cranks: Colony Colonial Flatland Cranks 160mm
Sprocket: Colony Jam Circle 20t
Rear wheel: Colony Contour Rim laced to a 14mm Nankai Bamboo

Mods: Double front brakes yo!

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Valvo edit…

Henrique Castro has been keeping busy over in Brazil & here is a little edit put together by the guys at Click BMX. Enjoy.

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Oneclip Marnold…

Marnold scores the latest oneclip over on the Focalpoint site.

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I got a full tank of Unleaded…

Unleaded are our official retail direct outlet in France & the guys there run a tight ship. Bruno Faucon is our rider over there & kills it on every terrain. This over ice he did here in Aurillac, France was amazing, there is a 10 foot plus drop on the other side of that rail. Bruno scores the splash page of the Unleaded site for moment as seen below.

They also have some dope custom Colony complete bikes for sale which you can scope by checking here now.

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Product update – Focalpoint V2 Seats

Our second colaboration seat with Focalpoint arrive into Australia tomorrow & will be available in selected stores around the country next week. There are Super Slim, Mid & Fat sizes on offer. Get ’em while they last… only 250 seats available so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Click here for more info now.

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Broc Raiford back on it…

Broc Raiford has been off the bike for a little while since he lost a few teeth but is getting back into now. The other day he had a little chilled session with a bunch of flatlanders including the likes of Terry Adams & Matthias Dandois.

Thanks to Fat Tony for the photos.

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Macksville needs your help

I have ridden the skatepark at Macksville once before to break the drive from Brisbane to Sydney. It needs your help right now. It is dire need of a re-vamp & if you were to help sign the petition it could very well help the cause. Click here to give your support. Hopefully they can keep the old bowl & add some much needed new ramps.

Click here for the facebook page that has been set up for the cause.

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Fresh off the press…

This was taken on a Gold Coast session just this Monday gone… fun times. Chris Courtenay scores our splash page for the next few weeks.

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Strictly BMX new store & website…

The guys over at Strictly BMX haven been hard at work of late moving into their new location in Prahran, Melbourne. They also have just launched a brand new site. It looks pretty good as well. Click here now to check it out. While you’re there check out our full ranges which they keep in stock at all times or while they last anyway.

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Marnold killing it…

Recent city park edit (Melbourne) which features a bunch of shredders, Marnold destroys the outledge there, filmed and edited by Peter Schifferie

Zac Miner – Top Fives

Over on Focalpoint, Zac Miner has a top fives which you can check out here

Alex back on it.

After some ankle injuries kept him out for the past six months or so, Alex has been getting back into riding 100% the past few weeks, Yesterday we hit up Fairfield park in Brisbane, Alex seemed right at home on is bike.

Millar on it…

Whilst in Brisbane at the moment I filmed this Oneclip of Clint in a cool drain spot. Good to see boss man back on it after the 6 months off due to injury.

JoMoPro Flatland comp…

We are the proud presenting sponsor for the JoMoPro World Flatland Circuit that is going down this coming weekend. It should be a huge event with riders coming from all over the planet. Click here for more info now.

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Product update – LTD frames by FBM

The long awaited LTD frames made by FBM are ready to ship & will soon be in Australia, France & the UK in very limited numbers. Only 50 have been made so be quick if you want one. They will be available in the above countries sometime in May.

Click here now for a special offer for the 4 x UK bound frames.

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Ryan Guettler 2020 advert

Here is the current double page advert that is featured in the new 2020 BMX magazine which came out last week all around Australia and New Zealand. Not to long ago Ryan went to New Zealand to ride these trails and came back with some great images.

Coverage in BMX Plus!

Cooper Brownlee has a photo in a little feature about BMX brands own riding set ups in their warehouses in the April issue of BMX Plus!

Our shredder in the states Broc Raiford also has a double pager in the same issue. Check it out below.

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