Paddy Gross the worldwide traveller out of Germany, sent in a quick update on what he has been up too… read on below.

OK, here’s my little something I’ve been up to in the last couple weeks. Well I’ve been riding heaps of demos as usual and besides that, finally the sun came out in Germany after a long winter. I was like “Hey my name is Spring and my friend Summer is on his way as well” Great conditions to ride outside and traveling 6 hours to the town (Trier) where I grew up and film a little session at my local park. I also went for a quick photo session to the new indoor park in Trier and had a heaps of fun at this place.

Between all of this I’ve also visited my Colony team mate Benny Paulsen’s backyard miniramp for a weekend and it´s been good hanging around sharing jokes, life and BMX.

A friend of mine from Slownia asked me for a little interview for his website Mellon BMX. I really appreciate when people wanna hear my opinion about things and if you interested to read it click here now.

So the contest season is pretty much about to start and I will hit up whatever seems fun to me and hope to get to see heaps new places and meet new people. I am constantly up to something like a workman who loves to tinker on things and like he knows how to use his screw driver, I know how to use my bike 🙂

I probably said this a hundred times already but why not going for 101 times, I love riding for Colony because everything couldn’t be better and since I’ve met the team now, I am even more proud to be a part of Colony.

Cheers, Paddy.

Yo yo !!