Paddy Gross, our main man in Germany, sent in some words & pics from his travel the last few months. Paddy is also making plans to come out here to Australia next year to ride & hang out.

“I am always stoked where this little bike is taking me and in August I´ve been to Romania for the first time for a contest. Very impressive country and lots of cool spots to ride. The contest was held in huge city park and the concrete skatepark didn’t look bad at all, a little slippery though. Romania hasn’t a big BMX scene and there’s probably just one bmx shop in town.

All the kid’s knowledge is from the internet and when I was there I was asked a million questions about my bike and Colony. The kids were like, “You’re that Colony rider, I know you because I always check their website, such awesome stuff, can I buy your bike?”

Lot’s of riders from other countries around Romania came up for the contest. It’s been a great time riding with all those dudes and I ended up taking second place which made me more than happy.

Between going to contests I am riding demos a lot or I go to work, luckily my boss from work is big fan of what I am doing. So getting time off work to ride my bike isn’t a big deal. In September I went to Portugal for the Vans “Let it Ride” tour and the rebeljam. The tour went crazy good and had a complete new format. The whole thing was bro cam style and so we had to film ourselves all the time. So I can´t wait to see the final edit.

After the tour, we went for the rebeljam and it´s been a crazy amount of riders from everywhere in the world, even Australia were present. I’ve had the chance to meet some of the coolest guys on that weekend like Dwayne or Todd Meyn, which was my favorite rider also on that weekend. Lot’s of insane riding went down and I for myself, was chilling out a little at my contest run because my body was just tired from the tour and didn’t wanted to hurt myself.

Well that was it for now and I still have a couple contests and demos coming up for this year but all my earnings are going to the “Australia” account. I will be hopefully heading over there pretty soon.

Thanks to everyone who’s reading this and thanks to Colony for the good times I have with ya !!”

Cheers – Paddy!

Yo yo !!