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Core Series – Round 2

Round 2 of the Core Series is set for this Sunday May the 23rd at Albany Creek skate park. Get yourself out there for some fun times & some great prizes from us as well as others.


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Welcome Jens Kahlström.

We have a new flow rider by the name of Jens kahlström who is from Stockholm, Sweden. It’s always rad seeing riders from other sides of the world, even better to be able to help them out with some parts aswell. click here to check out an edit that Jens features in (black bike) which has some rad moves in it.


Liam Zinbergs footy…

Our boy from Little Black Bike in ADL, Liam Zinbergs clocked some footy on a recent trip to Melbourne. Check it out below… the boys got skills.

Liam and Ryan's Melbourne trip. from Ryan Lloyd on Vimeo.

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Product update – Mountjoy Grips

Our second grip is going into production right now & will be available in September this year. It is named after the street I grew up on when I got into BMX back in 1988. It has a smaller diameter than our current LFH Grip & feature the same cross pattern as used on our Fantastic Plastic Pedals.

In the words of Nick Richardson, who is testing the first pair right now, ‘These are the best F@*#ing grips I have ever run!’

These are a team design grip & not a signature product of any one rider. They will also be spec’ed on our complete bikes for 2011.




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Down but not out…

Chris Courtenay called me yesterday with an update on his knee situation. Unfortunately, he confirmed that he has in fact done his ACL & will be going under the knife next Thursday. It’s a shame to hear Chris go through such a thing at this time. He has been absolutely killing it of late. He will be back though without fail. We will keep him busy around the warehouse during his recovery & I am sure he will beat his record on Doodle Jump as well to pass the time. I wish you the best recovery mate & chin up… all will be good.

Chris in happier times…

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Product highlight – The Phantom Frame

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s second signature frame with us has been out for a little while now. Built for todays progressive street riding with a steep head tube angle of 75.5 degrees along with a low slung stance. Check one out at a store near you now. Click here for more info in the meantime.

phantom frames yo

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More Jonny!

Jonny Devine sent over a photo of his Gnarkill frame all set up, he took to it with some paint stripper and gave it a unique look…


Jonny Devine update…

Jonny Devine hit me up to let us know he has been riding a bunch of trails lately, which is rad! Check out the ChapelWoods site while you are at it. Jonny also went on the Ride to Glory trip recently which he said was a blast. Below is a couple photos of Jonny at the trails…



I just got back from the Redbull Dirtpipe Comp that happened on the weekend. Definately an eye opener! Chris and Zac both rode in the comp and Chris made it to the finals but unfortunately had a crash which he injured his knee pretty bad and had to be taken to the hospital. Chris is going to see a knee specialist today, fingers crossed everything is ok.



Colony back in Canada

Colony is now available back in Canada again through our new distributor, Jagger Co. For all the shops in Canada chasing our 2010 products you can contact the guys at Jagger Co. for all your Colony needs now.

To celebrate our entry back into the Canadian market, we have got behind the 5th year of the Canadian Concrete series of comps due there this year. Check the flyer below for full details.

cc poster 2010

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Paddy Gross footage

Spotted this Vans video over on TCU featuring our own Paddy Gross. Look out for Paddy on the white bike. I remember riding those amazing brick transitions by the beach in the north of Germany back in 2001. So good to ride. Enjoy the video.

New Empire…

New Empire is a skate & BMX boutique store that has recently opened up on Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The owner Gary, wanted to give back to the local community of riders by starting up the first store on the mountain to cater for their BMX & skating needs. Naturally, they chose Colony as one of their first BMX brands to carry & we’re stoked that they did. If you live in the area then please support your new local shop & no doubt, New Empire will become the centre of the local scene up there. Click here for contact details now.


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On the road…

Myself, Chris Courtenay and Zac Miner were floating about in Canberra yesterday before we headed down to the Redbull Dirt Pipe comp, the weather was rad so we got a solid ride in. below is Chris at a pretty familiar spot.

Going to the X’ies mannn…

Colony team riders Ryan Guettler & Tim Wood have both scored invites to X Games 16 in LA July 29th till August 1st this year. Ryan being for park with Tim for vert. Good luck guys !!


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Shintaro world traveller…

Shintaro gets around. He must be one of the most travelled flatlanders out there with him getting to so many events around the world. Since the worlds got cancelled he is off to Malaysia in June for a comp over there. Click here to read more about it & the flatland scene over there.


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Core Series – Round 1 video

Round 1 of the Core Series for 2010 went down recently in Morayfield & this is the video edited by Raph for Core Series. Our own Chris Courtenay took out the win in pro. Check it out.

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Guettler in Rotterdam…

Here is a little video Ryan put together from his recent trip to Rotterdam with Josh Harrington & friends.

In Ryan’s words, ‘We went to Rotterdam for 4 days to film for Colony and Still Searchin’ and these are the left over clips so we put them together for a small web edit.’

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Classic Bayzand.

I spotted this on Facebook, it’s a healthy reminder of how rad Mick Bayzand is, most of this footage is a good five years old. It’s a section from an old video magazine called Rollcall which isn’t around anymore but was cool while it lasted.

The Chris Courtenay show…

Amigos of Dave Bike Day video put together by Unit from last Saturday’s event on the Gold Coast. It was a great day & some good funds were raised for Dave Montoya’s medical funds. Chris Courtenay kills it with some really good stuff in there. Check it out.

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Guettler checks in…

Ryan Guettler has been busy over the last few weeks between Extreme Playgrounds dirt comp in Germany, street riding in Rotterdam & doing 190km/h on the autobahn in Germany. Living the dream. Check out Ryan’s 2nd place runs below plus you know he was going fast to the wall ride line below.


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Product update – Top Load Official stem

A sneak peak of our top load version of the Official stem due out in September this year.


Straight out of the burbs of Paris…

Le Goff ‘Libellule’ Guillaume one of our flow riders from France, put in some work recently with this really well put together edit produced by Hadrian Picard. It’s well worth checking out. You can also click here now to check out a little interview with Libellule on the video. Thanks to the guys at Unleaded for the hook up.

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Broc Raiford – Lights out edit.

Thanks to Andrew Sanford for filming and editing this cool edit of Broc at their local indoor park. The guys lit up certain areas with flood lights and seemed to have fun doing it. Feeble to 270 footjam was rad.

Tom Stretton’s new setup.

Tom set up a new bike recently so we snapped a photo of it, looks pretty rad if you asked me! If you never saw it or what another look at it check Tom’s Colony edit from a couple months ago here, edited by John Young.


Day in the Life of Guettler – Part 2

Day in the Life: Ryan Guettler Part 2 - More BMX Videos

Know the team – Paddy Gross.

Paddy rides for Colony over in Germany, if you would like to learn a little bit more about the man, check out the quick Q&A below…


What are you up to today?

I’ve been riding  a demo at a kids festival in Hamburg/Germany.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

I believe in god but I am not religious at all, it’s just between me & him. it’s cool to send a little prayer everyday to say thanks or if he could have an eye on my friends and loved ones and keep everyone save.

What’s the weather like there at the moment in Germany?

Spring is here and just told us that summer is on its way by spoiling us with lots of sunshine.

Any plans to travel any time soon?

I am working a lot to save up to visit Australia by the end of this year. I haven’t been there yet and I can’t wait to see the country and see the Colony family.

If someone asked you why they should come visit Germany what would you tell them?

There’s lots of history, beautiful girls, unique spots to ride and because Germany is a small country you’re able to visit another country in no time.

What a day!

I really did have a ball at the Amigos Jam yesterday in Brisbane, thanks to everyone that helped put it on, Chris Courtenay ended up winning the bowl comp and also tied 3rd in the street comp. Goodtimes.


Ryan Guettler – Day in the Life

Day In The Life: Ryan Guettler Part 1 - More BMX Videos

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner !!

We have the winner for the Mick Bayzand give away & the lucky recipient of the pair of LFH grips is Ciaran from Duncraig, WA. He guessed it correctly that Mick did an over double peg & a tooth hanger, congrats !!

So no more email entries please… thanks for all those that entered !!


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Amigos of Dave Bike Day… today !!

If you’re in the area get yourself down to Nerang for the Amigos of Dave Bike Day… see you there.

last flyer

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