Looking back it’s been a huge year for Colony. Firstly, we went independent which was a huge move but one that had to be done. We had a full brand re-vamp with an all new logo & overall look. Cooper Brownlee came on board as the art director & then more recently as our team manager, photographer & as a pro team rider. We launched many new products like our LFH grip, Clone rims & wheel sets & all new frames just to name a few. Mick Bayzand came back home from a few years in Canada. I got married. Tim Wood had a baby boy. Matt King had a baby girl. Alex Hiam became the world’s youngest pro rider with his own signature frame. The team punched out a good amount of web videos & we did a huge tour around south eastern Australia.

None of this would have been possible without all your support out there. So to everyone that has bought one of our products, came out to ride with us, watched a web video or was just simply down for what we’re about – thank you.

Wishing everyone out there the best 2010 possible !!


Yo yo !!