Kenny Raggett recently went to Japan with his wife Julie & were lucky enough to meet up with our long time friend Shoe-G. Good times were had by all from what Kenny said & had nothing good things to say about their Japanese experience. I gotta get myself back over there again sometime soon, it’s been way too long.

Shoe-G wrote this little story to share with everyone…

I first met Kenny back in 2000 in Greenville, NC. We stayed at Colin Mackay and Bruce Chrisman’s place & rode everyday and had tons of fun together for 2 weeks.
After that we didn’t meet for 9 years but we kept riding and saw coverage of each other in the BMX scene. Our memories and friendship has been tight ever since.
This time Kenny came to my house with his wife. I now have a wife and a daughter.

It was super wonderful to see him again. We are still tight after 9 years without seeing each other. Because we have a strong passion for BMX and we both share it. We are tight anytime we meet even after 10 or 20 years. BMX is more than a little bicycle, it can provide something so wonderful.


This photo of Shoe-G doing a flair is what he described as a HDR image (High Dynamic Range) Very interesting.

Yo yo !!