Here are some pics of our 2009 stuff set for release in August this year… 

Teddy Bars… Mick Bayzand signature bars that are 27″ wide & 8″ high with 10.5 degrees back sweep & 2 degress up sweep. They also have a thinner 16mm diameter crossbar & an old school shape. Yeah yeah Mick !! Don’t forget to check out his recent webvid if you haven’t already, here.

We will also have a very limited edition ‘Canvas’ range of pivotal seats as well. These will be available in Slim & Mid styles. Early sample shown. 

Liam will also have his own street ready forks to go along with the Hell Stallion frame that feature a 30mm offset for easier nosewheelies & the strength to match Liam’s street assasination skills. 

All these will be available August the world over. 

Thanks to StrictlyBMX for the pics.

Yo yo !!