It’s been a while since I posted any news about the progress of our cranks but here are some sneak peaks of the final versions. 

They are a 3 piece crank but work like a 2.5 piece crank. Meaning only one bolt holds them together saving weight & making them simpler. They feature a 19mm 48 spline axle that is hollowed out more than the average crank. The design offers high strength but affords considerable weight savings. 

There will be two versions available… The street version will come in 170mm & 175mm lengths while the flatland version will come in 160mm only & suit micro gearing.

They will be available in Black, White & the first two limited edition colours will be Grey & Tangerine. Expect them out this coming August. 

Street version.

Flatland version.

Showing the non bolt side assembled.

Yo yo !!