Our 2008 frames are shipping now finally & will be available over the next coming weeks in a shop near you. Below I have listed approximate availability times per country…

Australia – 3 weeks
Canada – 3 weeks
China – 2 weeks
France – limited stocks available now full supply in 6 weeks
Germany – available now
Hungary – 2 weeks
Japan – 2 weeks
Netherlands – 6 weeks
Poland – 6 weeks
Russia – 6 weeks
Singapore – 2 weeks
Ukraine – 6 weeks
UK – 6 weeks
USA – 4 weeks

For now I thought I would show you these pics of the details on the frames. Shown here is the Bloody Oath in all it’s glory. This frame along with all our 2008 post heat treated frames are backed by our lifetime warranty.Check our products section for full details on all our frames.

Thanks for everyones patience in the delays in getting these frames out there. We appreciate your support.




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