We have been here in Taiwan the last few days working on the 2009 range of products. All is progressing to plan & I am very happy with the new products we have in the works.

For 2009 we will have a plastic pedal out which will be very light & inexpensive, our 2 piece cranks, CrMo Oneway pegs, front bolt style hub, cassette hub with ceramic bearing in the driver which we will offer a ONE year warranty. (This kind of warranty is an industry first) We also have a freecoaster coming out as well.

Add all these to the Hell Stallion frame & fork, Mick Bayzand ‘Teddy Bars’, The Cube flatland frame as well as a whole flatland range. Things are looking good for 2009 & Colony. More on all these in the coming weeks/months.

I am over here with Mark Matthews-Frederick, who is my right hand man when it comes to designing the parts you see from Colony. Read on below to get the low down on Mark & his job within Colony.

Mark at his family trails back in Stanthorpe.

* So what’s your age and how long have you been riding for?

I’m 24 and have been riding pretty much all my life but BMX became an addiction for me in ’96.

* What got you into riding?

My brother and watching Jay Miron shred the King of Dirt on the old Wide World of Sports when I was about 11.

* What is your normal job?

I am an Industrial Designer for a train manufacturer, which means I design interior and exteriors of trains taking care of things like function, safety, comfort, looks, manufacturing and assembly.

* How did you get involved with the design side of things with Colony?

Well I have done a bit of bike design stuff in the past and Clint saw some of my work on the web, got in touch when he needed a hand with some more technical stuff and I’ve been working with Colony now for nearly 2 years.

* Has that always been something that you’ve wanted to work towards?

Yeah, for sure! I have always loved product design, so to combine it with something I have a real passion for is awesome.

* Please explain exactly what you do within Colony?

I work with Clint and Chris and the team guys in thinking up new parts, then detail the concept to maximise strength, function, looks, lightweight, etc. until we have a part that we are happy with, then I do the drawings so our manufacturers can create the part.

* What qualifications do you have for designing?

I have a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Design, which is a four year University course. Hard work but good fun.

* I believe this is your first trip over-seas? How do you like it so far?

Yeah its been awesome to learn the finer details of how all of our parts are made, and great talking engineering with the manufacturers over here, even though the language barrier hasn’t made it easy at times. Oh yeah and the food and beers here are pretty tops…

* Have you got the travel bug now?

Yeah a trip like this really opens up your eyes to what actually happens in other parts of the world. Our agent over here has really taken care of us so I have really enjoyed it.

* Any thanks?

My parents & family for all the good times, Clint and Chris for being cool, giving me the opportunity to do something I love and be part of the BMX industry; our agent here for helping us to make the best products we can and all the great experiences in the past few days; thanks to David from Fly Bikes for helping me to get to where I am today and everyone for supporting quality BMX companies like Colony.

Mark over seeing the production of Bloody Oath frames.

Unlucky13 bars half made & Bloody Oath bars ready & packed to go get painted.

Bloody Oath frames getting made.

Yo yo !!