First up… Happy Australia Day everyone !! Yo…well the first day of the BMX Games as almost come to an end.

Vert was this first up this morning & our own Tim Wood won, with an amazing array of tricks, capped off by yet another amazing 900, as only Tim can do so well.

The Colony BMX Mini Ramp Batle just finished & some amazing riding was seen by all. Both the amatuer & pro classes were amazing to watch & I have to say the level of riding in Australia is so high right now. I wont go into the whole ‘who did what’ as I am sure you check other sites soon for that. Plus it’s time for me to go down & have a few drinks with the boys.

I will report after tomorrow’s activities & hopefully I will be more forthcoming with news for you all.

Ryan Guettler with a No Hander over the spine before Pro finals.

Ryan just moments before the No Hander above.

Some kids that helped me remove the Colony stickers from the ramp. Thanks !!

Yo yo !!