Steve from our UK distributor Shindig Distribution just sent me a pic of his new bike he has built up. It looks pretty damn hot !! Check out his impressive parts list below…


Frame: Colony 2008 Sect 20.5 brakeless.
Forks: Colony MVP forks.
Bars: Colony Bloody Oath.
Grips: Kink Omega (what’s left of them)
Stem: Colony Official.
Front wheel: Proper
Rear wheel: Proper, 10T with ceramic bearing.
Sprocket: Colony Official 28T.
Cranks: Colony 3pc.
Pedals: Odyssey Gi Resin.
Seat post: Yeah I have one, get over it.
Seat: Colony Slim Pivotal.
Tyres: Fly Bikes Ruben.
Pegs: Colony One Way.
Weight: 21.8lbs
Mods: Nothing really, a little excess metal trimmed.

Yo yo !!