ahhh, the weekend just gone was the zombie hop comp, triple six gallery show, and wazman’s halloween party. I’m not really one to enter a hop comp, I’m confident enough in my hop to get up or over anything that may be in my way street, so I was down to take it easy and chill and have a laugh n stuff. A quick early morning stop at the bottle shop on route to the jam and the day got off to a good start!




 I had my money on Simon Palmer and he ended up winning, check the awesome trophy that redbull got done for the winner!! there was an in and out comp and a big game of footdown, All in all it was an awesome time, with a bunch of out of towners making the trip up. The drinks kept flowing into the afternoon so it was time to put the peddle to the metal and get hammered a bit more! A bit later on was the triple 666 gallery show, aha,  there was a keg of ice cold beer as well as lots of new products from a bunch of companies that 666 do, they just picked up Fremont clothing so it was cool to see all that stuff, and of course, a bunch of buzzy stuff from Colony!! Lester from Quitechoas had a bunch of cool clothing there as well. Big ups to Justin from Redbull, 666 mike, Zombie Mike and Lester for an awesome time!





Whew, still, the drinking kept going and it was time to head shore side to Wazman’s halloween party. Can’t really remember much from the party hay, lots of people laughing and getting RAD on the loose juice! The one pic that I got was this one of the wazman looking bloody scary as shit!! aha, his outfit actually looked normal on him, guess it went pretty well with his Misfit’s Tattoo!


Lastly, was at the beach the other day and there was a family of ducks swimming along the shoreline, ducks at the beach?? whats next!!?? topless girls sunbathing!!?? ahaha, bring on suuummmeerrrrr!!!….