The BMX lifestyle in Greenville is pretty damn good.

Colin Mackay said it well by saying, ‘Everyday is a Saturday here.’ Which you couldn’t describe it better I think. Every night is a party night since no one has to ‘work’ the next day as such. They party & hang out till late at night, get up late, then go ride all afternoon & into the night then do it all over again. Pretty good way to live I say.

It can also afford you some cool toys & a nice place to live as well. Guettler’s place is amazing to say the least. You couldn’t ask for more I think. Check out Ryan’s house and a few of his toys. Not bad for riding a little kid’s bike.





The Greenville I have experienced so far is nothing like what most people assume it is. Definately a chilled relaxed vibe that is so much fun to be amoungst than some crazy BMX training ground.

Ryan’s dog, Dagger.

Yo yo !!