A couple days ago we rode the most amazing street any of us have ever experienced. The college in Athens, GA is totally amazing. Words cannot describe it. Liam & Mick totally killed it. Massive icepick grinds, 17 stair round rail psi rides to name a few. Even Richo & myself slid a bunch of rails. I haven’t any pics right now to post but there will be heaps to see in Ride BMX magazine & also in the web videos we will edit up from the trip. Stay tuned.

We were at the Baco Jam yesterday which was awesome to see as well. So much good riding & so much eye candy for all. The halloween party after was totally amazing. We gotta start doing halloween like that back home.

Tonight we start the drive to Greenville, NC & will be riding there for the next 3 days before heading to Woodward East. But not before the real halloween party on Wednesday night. Yeah yeah !!




Crap photo I know but you get the idea.

Yo yo !!