Whats up Internet! wowsers, we just got back fromn the annual T.O.A.S.T ( Too Old After Sixteen!) Jam in Wellington, it was it’s tenth year anniversary, so it was a bit of a doozy! Myself,  zombie mike, Lester from quietchaos and Sir Smokealot himself The Wazman all went down, we stopped in at my Bach on our way down, and chilled, did some quality reading, wazman found this picture of an ‘ASS’ that he wants to get tattooed on him, and zombie mike caught up on some ideas for his garden, we chilled in the hotpools hard as well, bye bye aches and pains! we arrived at toast jam on friday evening, thanks mike lips for letting us stay at your house!! Basically riders from around the country come together to hangout, do a bit of riding, quite a bit of eating, and a whole lot of partying! lookout for a full rundown and some pics in an upcoming issue of 20/20 bmx magazine sometime soon! Also attached is a pic of our drink of choice! ahaha, it has the word ‘RAD’ in it, friggin sweet shit!reading.jpgzombie-mike.jpgradler.jpgass.jpg


Oh yeah, had a visitor the other day as well, Taj came to stay all the way from Austin, he came over to hangout, ride his road bike, chill at the beach and basically re-charge his batteries. I haven’t seen him in ages so it was really good to have him stay and catch up. thats all for now, peace homies!