We left Orlando today but not before dropping in to check out Chad DeGroot’s Mesh Skatepark & Pro shop. This place is amazing !! Definately one of the best parks we have ever seen & an amazing shop as well. Pitty it was too hot & we were on a time schedule to ride but we will be back on the weekend for Baco.

While we were there a UPS truck arrived & in the back was a Colony Sect frame box… it ended up being the prizes from Colony for Baco on the weekend. It was awesome to see a Colony box being delivered in the US. Stoked. Big thanks to Tip Plus for getting out the prizes so fast.

Tomorrow we will hit the streets of Atlanta & some parks as well. Looking forward to finally riding our bikes. Check back for more updates tomorrow.


Ryan & Nick posing for my blurred photo at Mesh.



Yo yo !!