In the past I had reported that our Transformer Lever would only work best with a Dragonfly style dual cable. Well, we have since found out that Odyssey gyro cables or SST oryg cables work just as good if not better. You may just need to do a little modification & use a very small spacer in between the supplied push fit adaptor & lever body to take up the slack, if there is any. We have found that the length of these cables differs slightly & some individual cables may fit better than others. It also depends on the stack height of your headset & stem as to the suitablity.

Please know that our lever will work well with almost all Dragonfly dual cables, Odyssey gryo & SST oryg cables out there. This is very good news for lovers of our levers all over the world. Enjoy.

A Transfomer Lever working very well with an Odyssey Gyro Cable.



Transformer advert to appear in 2020 BMX magazine & Focal Point Magazine.

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