Our Colony Oneway pegs are turning up on all kinds of riders bikes & other companies product lines of late. Besides the whole Colony team who runs our pegs we have companies like Mirraco spec’ing some of their bike ranges with our renowed light weight design.

For 2008 you will see Ryan’s Mirraco Black Pearl Ltd with our pegs as well as Dave Mirra’s Blend Ltd & their new smaller sized Project bikes for kids with our Oneway patented design pegs. All these Mirraco bikes are limited to 100 production bikes. You will also see the Sect & Bloody Oath complete bikes from ourselves with these on them as standard for 2008 which are limited to 75 bikes for the world each.

Why you may ask? Well it’s simple. They are some of the lightest, unique designed pegs on the market today. The simple fact that they are thinner on the top & thicker on the bottom where you need it makes them a pure winner for the weight consicious riders out there. Check the diagram here for what I mean.


They may be a little hard to find but that will soon change as our 2008 line is about to ship worldwide. Expect to see them back in stock at a shop near you sometime late in October.

Yo yo !!