I’ve had a few questions on how to set up the Transformer levers of late… So I thought I would post this to help answer these questions.

If you run a straight cable then the cable itself just sits into the lever body directly as shown in this pic here. There is no adjusting barrel as such. You adjust your brakes down at the brake. We use no adjusting barrel as these just normally break or strip out anyway.


If you run a gryo then I have designed the lever to work perfectly with a Dragonfly double cable system. You use the supplied push fit barrel as shown in this pic here.


Using these cables the lever works perfectly. At this stage you cannot use an SST or an Odyssey Gryo cable with our lever. The Dragonfly or Snafu cables work much better I feel anyway.


I hope this helps anyone out there with the Transformer Lever. Now I am going to go ride down at the Mellowpark here in Berlin for the Rebeljam. Word.

Yo yo !!