This is one question I get asked all the time. Well, I thought I would explain to you all what makes them so unique & another world first for Colony.

Their main feature is the offset internal machining. The name ‘Oneway’ came from the fact that the bottom section is thicker where you grind, while the top section is thinner where you don’t grind. Meaning you can only use them oneway. See the drawing here for what I mean.


They are machined from heat treated 7075T6 alloy which actually grinds faster on coping & rails than crmo. It is also amazingly light & so much more affordable than titanium. Of course these pegs are more suited to park & light street use. These are for the weight conscious riders out there. Many top name riders are using these pegs right now but I wont drop names here.

Our pegs are available in 10mm or 14mm. The 14mm versions come with or without built-in chain tensioners in right or left hand versions. Sold separately & come with a handy bag that is great for an ipod or digital camera carry case.

Yo yo !!