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Advert – Tom Stretton

Tom scores the latest print advert in the current Albion mag. I love this shot because it was taking Tom a few shots to get this clip and the one time he gets it was when all the school kids came along and stopped to watch, they were so interested in it.

Advert – Zac Miner

Latest advert of Zac Miner in the latest issue of Focalpoint. gap to pegs to gap past the sketchy rocks at the end of the rail.

Advert – Alex Hiam

Alex features in the latest advert we dropped in the new Albion mag showing off all the anodised colours we do. Pick up a copy of The Albion as it’s always a great read.

Advert: Cooper Brownlee

Long crooks by Coops for our latest print advert in The Albion for his signature 24/7 bars.

Yo yo !!

Advert: Mick Bayzand

Mick Bayzand smashed out this steep ice grind back in December and it scored him the latest print advert for his signature Teddy frame in the current issue of 2020. Make sure you get down to your local store and grab a copy.

Advert: Zac Miner

Latest advert for Soul mag, Zac Miner has been sending it pretty hard for his up and coming web video, this gap to rail is a good taste of things to come from it. More info about his signature frame here.

Advert: Alex Hiam

The latest Albion advert for us featuring Alex Hiam and the 2013 Premise complete bike. Every issue of The Albion is rock solid so make sure you check out the new issue.

Advert: Dean Anderson

One of our newest team riders, Dean Anderson can ride a bowl! Flair tuck at his local. This advert was in the latest issue of Focalpoint.

Advert: Marnold

Opposite whip out of feeble from Marnold for the new advert in 2020. Be sure to pick yourself up a copy of the new issue.

Advert: Jourdan Barba

Jourdan Barba advert which was in the current issue of Focalpoint.

Advert: Alex Hiam

Alex Hiam copped the newest print advert promoting his signature V2 Sweet Tooth frame. This advert is in the current issue of 2020. The photo was shot just a few weeks back when we were at Woodward West.


Advert: Zac Miner

Zac scored the advert in the UK version of new Albion magazine showing off his signature frame. Fast and hard gap to wall ride from our trip to Adelaide a little while back for the Colony X Vans shoe. If you watch the video below you will see the clip of this photo. If you are in Australia, Strictly BMX have copies of The Albion with the proceeds going to The Leukaemia Foundation which is pretty awesome.


Advert: Marnold

This is our Latest advert in DIG featuring Marnold doing an over smith which the clip of you would’ve seen in this edit.

Advert: Cooper Brownlee

Cooper features in the new advert that we placed in the current issue of 2020. Cooper has a web video coming out next week which he has been filming for the past few months so keep an eye out for that one.

You can check out Cooper’s signature Twenty Four Seven Bars at a dealer near you now.

Yo yo !!

Advert: Chris Courtenay

A recent print advert we had in RideUS featuring Chris doing a 360 table at Browns Plains park in Brisbane promoting his signature CC sprocket.

Advert: Alex Hiam

We recently had a double pager in the new issue of Soul, Alex Hiam with a booming invert at Northcote bowl in Melbourne.


Advert: Brock Olive

Recent advert for Ride USA featuring Brock Olive, who put in work for this truck in Brisbane.

Advert: Marnold

Marnold destroyed this kinker, be on the look out for a Marnold web video in the coming weeks, it’s gonna be real real good. Latest advert for DIG.

Advert: Alex Hiam

Our latest advert in Ride, featuring Alex Hiam at Hibiscus park.

Advert: Tom Stretton

Our advert from The Albion issue 4, Tom nosey across and up as seen in the DVD.