Archive Of April 2012 - Colony BMX

Trip update…

We have spent the last few days here in Bathurst for Newtons Nation & it’s been a fun time. Sunday morning we went for an early 8am ride at the nearby Orange skatepark. Kenny Raggett came out with us which was a treat. Always good to see & hang with Kenny. We even got some footage of him as well. Look out for a web video from our travels here in the weeks ahead.

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China update

We planned to hit some spots today but the weather had other ideas so we spent the afternoon checking out local markets in Shanghai and being entertained by the traffic and randomness that you see on the streets here. Local legend Kane Wang who runs CNBMX helped us out getting around and haggling the sellers for a deal. Fingers crossed the weather comes good tomorrow as Liam has the X-Games finals in the afternoon.

Mick Bayzand down again.

Mick has been having a rough time of it lately with injuries. After just getting back from a few broken fingers he had a fall where he did some damage to his shoulder tearing his rotator cuff and AC joint. Hopefully it’s not to bad, once the swelling has gone down he will know more.

Sydney update

Tom and Zac just shot through an update about there current Sydney trip…

“Myself and Zac are down here in Sydney filming for the 2020 DVD and so far its been awesome! Finally conquered a ledge here I’ve wanted to get for a long time and Zac did some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen down graffiti tunnel! So much fun. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Anyway if you say see us out come say g’day. I’m out of here for the party.”

China nights

Thanks to lost baggage we spent most of the day/evening waiting for our bikes to show up, 4 out of the 5 have now appeared. We did some walking around and it was an amazing experience just to watch how the traffic operates here, it’s so ridiculous! Hopefully tomorrow we have some more luck with the final bag so we can get moving on the clip game.

Dealer highlight – Freeriders Bike Shop

Freeriders Bike Shop in Camira have carried Colony since they opened just over a year ago. They carry a good range of our products & offer good service. Check them out next time you’re in the area.

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Sydney to Bathurst & beyond…

It’s been a pretty good few days of driving around hitting up various parks between Sydney & Bathurst. We’ve hit up Macquarie Fields, Penrith, Lawson, Lithgow, Millthorpe & Manildra. It’s been really good so far with great weather & some good times along the way.

We rode the park in Manildra today & it was a blast. Check it out below. More from the road soon as we are at Newtons Nation now for the next few days.

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New website… We Have Motive…

There is a new website headed by Keith Treanor that has just launched called, We Have Motive. Check it out here now & boss man Millar has an interview up on there. Part #1 with more to come soon. Check it out.

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Anton McGuirk on the mend…

Anton McGuirk is slowly on the mend after his crash in Estonia 4 weeks ago. Wont be too much longer till he is back on the bike. He says he wants to waste no time in getting to filming for is welcome to Colony edit. Watch this space.

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We made it to China!

It’s been a long long day, we’ve been up for 23 hours and just got settled in after our first flight being delayed which made us miss our connecting international flight so we had to wait a couple of hours but Brock made it on the original flight. 12 hours later we made it to China but couldn’t find Brock until we realised he came in at a different terminal. The chaos didn’t end there though. They lost all our checked in baggage so we still don’t have our bikes! Hopefully they show up tomorrow!

Just down from the hotel some of the guys tried some weird looking street food straight off the plane.

Michal Mycek bike check.

I really, really like the photos the guys put together for this bike check of Michal’s bike. Check below for the list of Colony product being repped on this beast! Thanks to AVE BMX for their strong support for all we do over in Poland & beyond.

Frame: Colony 2012 Teddy V2 21″
Fork: Colony Guardian
Stem: Colony Variant top load
Bars: Colony Twenty Four Seven
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Pedals: Colony Fantastic plastic
Sprocket: Colony CC 25T
Seat: Colony Shield Pivotal Fat
Front wheel : Colony Contour Rim, Colony Clone Female Hub
Back wheel: Colony Contour Rim, Colony Clone cassette 9T male axe 14mm

Off to Shanghai, China…

Brock Olive, Marnold, Liam Zingbergs & Cooper Brownlee are all off to China today for the Asian X Games in Shanghai & too ride & explore the streets for a week afterwards. Expect some reports from over there whilst the guys are there. Should be a good trip for them all.

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Istvan Caillet

On the weekend over in Fréjus, France there was a contest called “BBC Contest” our friend Istvan Caillet came 2nd in. Going off the flair whip photo he shredded! Thanks to Nils for the photo

Colony Endeavour at Max Out…

Over in the UK there are some very limited numbers of the Black/Purple Colony Endavour complete bike which are available exclusively via the Max Out store in Thornton-Cleveleys. Get in quick over there if you are hyped on one of these bikes.

Off to Sydney today…

Chris Courtenay, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd & myself are off to Sydney for 5 days to ride & film. Tom will be staying in Sydney & meeting up with Zac Miner while the rest of us including Ryan Guettler will be travelling out to Bathurst for the weekend. Should be good times.

Tom off to Sydney

Tom is off to Sydney today for a week to film for the 2020 DVD with Troy Charlesworth. Hopefully the weather holds out for the guys and if you see them around hit up the guys and say hi! I hear Tom has a couple signed copies of the Colony dvd for the first 2 people to ask him to do an hang five.

Dealer highlight – 99 Bikes Mermaid Waters

99 Bikes around the country carry our ranges of bikes in most of it’s stores. One store that does carry them in a big way, is the Mermaid Waters store down on the Gold Coast. They have a the full range of our 2012 complete bikes in store with the full range of colours available. Check them out next time you’re in the area.

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Travel tips with Cooper Brownlee

Check out this little travel tip that Cooper did over on the Focalpoint site.

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Brock Olive goodness…

Spotted this Brock Olive video over on Crispy Stream. Just some scraps that wont make the 2020 DVD.

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Valvo’s first ride

You might have seen a couple of days ago we posted up a bike check with Valvo, well thanks to Felipe Correa you can see that bike getting set up and Valvo hitting up his local with his new ride. Thanks for putting this together Felipe