Yo Guys !

During A road trip to Sanfran with Chris Bracemonte, Trent McD, Wolfgang and Aaron I unfortunately Fractured my Ankle and have to be in a cast for 4 weeks. I didn’t roll it it was just a strange angle that got it .

I had to cut my USA trip short and return home early to heal up .. The Australian Health system rocks.. So lucky to be back and being looked after my The Public Health system and finally Healing up …. I am eating super super Healthy I have even Gone Vegetarian for the next 2 weeks to heal my bones quicker. The average Calorie intake is 2500 and I’m eating 6000 calories and day to speed things up. I have been researching a lot using this time to Build my Health up.

It was My 21st Birthday flying home, So I had a nice Lunch with all my USA friends then when I arrived in AUS I had another party to celebrate with all my friends back home.

I should be walking in Two weeks! So until then I’m just kicking back, spending some time doing all the sorts of arts I enjoy, Like drawing, painting, photography and filming Landscapes. I have some stuff in the works on my time of so expect some sort of Non BMX media up from me soon.

Thanks for all the Support on and off my bike. I am so motivated to ride again and can’t stop thinking about Riding my bike.