Tom shot though another update from his travels in Sydney…

“Hey all. Still in Sydney kicking around. I hadn’t planned on being here this long but last week the Dre Regli & his boys invited me on their Bondi trip as a special guest, so I just let the good times roll haha.

Was rolling around Bondi all weekend with those guys getting up to no good haha. However, all good things come to an end and everyone went their separate ways today.

Now, I’m just chilling out in Penrith catching up with my nan and my cousins. She’s a legend. I’ll be heading home if we don’t get to hit Dane Searleā€™s memorial jam this weekend. If you have the chance to get there than do it!

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Dre Regli and his boys for being so rad and having me along for the party! As always if you see us out riding come have a roll!”