Hey everyone, just a little update to let you no what’s been going on in my world. A few months back I had a bad crash on my shoulder whilst filming, I had a little time off but got back on the bike soon after even though it still hurt. which I tend to do alot. But over the past few months it has been getting worse and worse to the point were it feels like its going to fall off. Haha

So I made the decision to head back to Adelaide for a while to get it all cheeked out. I’ve spent the last week going to countless doctors appointments, getting scans and more doctors appointments. In the end they have come to the conclusion that my ligaments and tendons are inflamed and there is crazy growth on my cartilage causing sharp pain.

I’ve been getting quartazone injections in my shoulder to try calm everything down and help with the pain. Hopefuly this will sort it all out
and there will be no need for surgery. In the mean time I have been ordered to rest it as much as possible so i have just been kickin’ it back at home and my good friend Jack who has been helping me out with some physio and also I am becoming a Wii champion.

I do have a few thing I am working on in the mean time so even though I cant realy do much right now I should still have some new edits and some other stuff coming out real soon.

Fingers crossed I should be back bombing shit in no time. Peace…