Tom Stretton is the man. Plain & simple. Has been one of my favourite riders for a long time & to have him on the team is awesome. Such a good bloke as well. He recently just put together a new bike & you can check it out below in all it’s glory. Yes, he did pull that tooth pick variation & a couple times for Stewart Munro’s camera as well… thanks for the pics.

His Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: 2013 Teddy 20.85″
Fork: Guardian
Bars: Teddy V2 Bars
Stem: Official
Headset: Colony
Spacer: Colony Adjustable
Grips: Much Room
Cranks: Colonial V2
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Sprocket: CC 25T
BB: Colony Mid
Front Wheel: Contour Rim with Clone Hub
Rear Wheel: Contour Rim with Clone Hub LHD
Spokes: Colony
Rear Tyre: Agenda 2.15
Pegs: Oneway CrMo

Yo yo !!