Ryan sent us an update on his recent injuries. Wishing you the fastest recovery mate. Read on below…

Wow what a crazy year 2010 has been… As many of you know, I crashed badly at the Chicago Dew Tour doing a 540. From the crash I suffered a 3rd degree separation on my left shoulder. This only aggravated years of abuse and past injuries to the point that time and basic rehab will not heal the injury to extent I need.

Since the Chicago Dew Tour, I’ve ridden in the X Games, HB US Open, and Portland Dew Tour with the injury. Unfortunately now with both shoulders popping out every time I ride, I decided to get X-rays & MRI to find out how to fix what’s going on.

I’ve been told by sports doctors the only way to fix the problems with my shoulders, so I can compete without any issues, is to get surgery and have them repaired. Therefore, I will undergo surgery this week. Then I will be fully recovered by end of this year as I’ve been told that it is 4 months of rehab post surgery. That will put me in a good position to return for the start of next season with a healthy body allowing me to compete at 100% once again.

I hate that it’s come to this, but I can’t keep riding with this injury and need it fixed now.

Yo yo !!