Date of birth:
16th Feb 2013.

Colony BMX

What got you into BMX?
My Dad showed me the way & I love it now. Love watching him ride in the backyard from the patio.

Best trick you can do?
I have many, but my best one would be to wait. I can wait for ages if there is a snack to be had !!

Good meals to eat?
I’ll take anything to be honest !! I love my crunchy veges but hate any kinds of lettuce. I don’t really eat meat much but I love snackies !!

Top 3 places travelled to:
The cow paddock camping trip we went on a couple years ago, K&J’s backyard & Kev’s backyard with his swimming pool.

Interests outside of BMX?
Love sleeping, going for drives, playing chasey game & going for long walks.

Favourite Colony product?
Hardy Bars of course !!

The usual thanks…
My Mum & Dad, thanks to Lix North for my awesome portrait charcoal drawing, all my dog mates down at the local dog park, anyone that runs my bars, thanks heaps !!