Date of Birth:
24th August 1981.

Colony/Division Brand

How long have you been riding?
Around 17 years.

What got you interested in BMX?
The local BMX track had me stoked to jump things so from there my friends and I build some local jumps, the rest is history.

Biggest influences in BMX:
Allan Briotti. R.I.P

Where are you living at the moment? And where did you grow up?
Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I’ve always lived in this area.

What does a regular Saturday out on the bike usually consist of?
Up early, work on some stuff then meet up with crew around 10.30 and plan some spots to ride.

What are you doing for work these days?
Work for Colony.

Top 3 places you’ve ridden over the years:

What are your interests outside of Riding?
Motion and stills photography.

Car you own/drive:
Hyundai Iload van.

Tell us something about your local scene:
Pretty solid crew all around Melbourne, everyone gets along with each other which makes it fun wherever you ride.

What motivates you to go out and ride all the time?
Capturing the good times on video and finding new spots.

Favourite place you’ve travelled to and why?
Probably California, so many spots and amazing pools. Also because I have friends there that are like family to me.

Good meals to eat:
Vegie Burgers, Fried Rice and Salad Rolls.

Give us some bands/musicians you are into these days:
Mostly hardcore/metal bands such as Medea Rising, The Ghost Inside, Outright, Make them Suffer etc.. But I listen to all types of music as I am always searching for music to use in web videos.

Favourite Colony product?
Freecoaster and the pedals.

What has BMX has taught you:

The usual thanks…
My family, Millar, all the crew I ride with, my girlfriend Sarah and anyone that supports our brands in anyway.

Instagram account: