Where are you from?
Gold Coast now but originally Cairns, QLD.

Date of Birth:

What got you into riding?
A little set of Council dirt jumps that I rode every day before school and after school for about 10 years.

What motivates you to go out and ride all the time?
What motivates me to ride would be my passion for BMX and to push myself and try new tricks that scare me. But the feeling of landing something and overcoming your fear is the biggest reward and motivation to go faster and higher and to share it with other BMX riders that feel the same passion and love for BMX as I do.

What style of riding do you enjoy doing the most?
I like to try mix it up I love roasting big bowls and trying to go as high and smooth as I can but also love trying to incorporate skatepark tricks with it. But my biggest passion would be in riding a sweet set of trails I could do it all day everyday and never get bored, and love doing a backie or two.

Do you have any interests outside of riding?
I love music and play the guitar and singing really badly.

Favourite Colony product?
I would have to say my favourite part would be the Wasp hub there so fast and sounds awesome.

What do you do for a job?
I am a qualified butcher.

Bands you listen to:
I love Aussie hip hop like Bliss n Esso, Hilltop Hoods, love screamo like amity affliction, a day to remember. Bit of old school like Metallica, Offspring, System of a Down and AC/DC gets me stupidly pumped to send it haha.

Tell us something about your local scene:
I really just ride Pizzy park and Beenleigh here but my old local back home was the Esplanade skatepark where we only had a hand full of riders to push each other. Until there was nothing left there to do so that’s why I packed a bag of clothing and threw my bike in the back of the ute and moved to the Gold Coast to chase my dream of riding my bike with some if the best in the world like Logan Martin and Kyle Baldock.


Frame: 21″ Colony Blaster frame.
Forks: 30mm offset Sweet Tooth forks.
Grips: Colony Much Room.
Stem: Squareback.
Headset: Colony.
Cranks: Colony Venator 175mm.
Sprocket: 28t Blaster sprocket.
Seat: Blaster Pivotal.
Hubs: Wasp front and rear with Alloy driver.
Rims: Contour rear / Pretoria front.
Tyres: Colony Griplock 2.35″.