Date of Birth: December 20, 1988

Sponsors: Colony BMX

How long have you been riding?
I think about 15 years now… wow

What got you interested in BMX?
I grew up down the street from a young Miles Simone who had a quarter pipe in his front yard. I was already a fan of BMX at the time but it was riding that quarter pipe for the first time that really got the wheels going.

Biggest influences in BMX:
Growing up it would have to be the local dudes like Miles Simone and Andrew Cohen who took the time to teach me what they know and take me places with them. Nowadays all my good friends influence me in a positive way. Johnny Bones, Barney, Cooper and Tyler Fuji to name a few.

Where are you living at the moment? And where did you grow up?
Born and raised in Woodland Hills. Currently still there.

What does a regular Saturday out on the bike usually consist of?
Heavy doses of coffee then the usual “everyone meet up an hour late then planned”. Me and the boys will get a warm up session somewhere then casually come through with some clips when the blood gets flowing.

What are you doing for work these days?
I work in construction at the moment. Its a sweet gig that allows me to take time off whenever I need.

Top 3 places you’ve ridden over the years:
1. SF Bay area
2. Phoenix, Az
3. Oakhurst, Ca

What are your interests outside of Riding?
Haha good question. I go backpacking in wilderness sometimes, Rock Climbing some days and Mountain Biking others.

Car you own/drive:
I’ve got a sweet little 99′ CR-V nugget that gets me to and from at a reasonable price.

Tell us something about your local scene:
The local scene is evergrowing, which is wild because there are no local skateparks. Theres a bunch of low key shredders and its rad to ride with them at the local ledgespot every now and again

What motivates you to go out and ride all the time?
Landing a new trick or riding a new spot/park/plaza motivates me to go out and seek the adventure.

Favourite place you’ve travelled to and why?
Sanctuary BMX has to be my favorite place to travel to. Being there, riding the ramps and parks is BMX in its most purest form. It helps that its seated at the footsteps of the Sierra National Forest.

Good meals to eat:
Anything Greek

Give us some bands/musicians you are into these days:
Currently listening to a lot of Emancipator and Jim Croce, but i am a fan of more than just that.

Favourite Colony product?
Definitely the pedals.

What has BMX has taught you:
To stay humble and keep on my toes.

The usual thanks…
Thanks to those who supported me and had nice words of encouragement, but mostly thank you to my Mother who is without a doubt the most selfless and supportive person i know. Wouldn’t be anywhere without that ginger.

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