Laser Green Limited Colour available now.

Our limited Laser Green colour is now available at all good BMX shops. You can get Official V3 Forks, MVP V2 Forks, Unlucky13 Bars, Bloody Oath Bars, Official Stems, Transformer Levers, Konka Bar Ends, Official Sprockets, Pivotal Seatposts, Oneway Pegs & our Headsets are all available in the Laser Green.

Get them while they last. Word.






Yo yo !!


It’s roadtrip time !! Myself & Richo are heading off to Sydney for the BMX Games in the morning… should be an awesome time.

If you’re in Sydney this weekend you should come & hang out at Olympic Park for the 2008 BMX Games

Make sure you come & check out the Colony BMX Mini Ramp Jam on the 26th January… what a way to celebrate Australia Day. Word.


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BMX Games 2008 this coming weekend.


The biggest annual comp is set to go down in Sydney this coming Australia Day weekend. You can expect to see pretty much the whole of Australia’s riding population there hanging out, riding, drinking or any combination of all of the above. Should be good times as always.

The vast majority of the Colony team will be there in full effect. Especially for the Colony BMX Mini Ramp Battle set to go down on Australia Day, the 26th January.

Hope to see you all there & look out for the Colony BMX booth on the Sunday with our range on display as well as some of the 2009 stuff like the Liam Fahy-Hampton’s Hell Stallion frame, our Clone Hubs & 2 piece cranks.

We will even have some random giveaway’s through out the weekend including some Colony G-Strings for any hot girls that want to show their Colony pride.


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Random stuff from Taiwan

Here are a bunch of random pics from the trip in Taiwan here so far. It’s been pretty productive & fun at the same time. We will release information on some of the 2009 products over the coming months. So stay tuned.

Anyone who has been to Taiwan will know these two sights well.

My room here in Taipei with personal Jacuzzi.

Ever wonder how an Official stem gets machined? Well, here are some of the steps in the machining process. There are a total of 9 processes using 20 different machining tools.


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Report from Taiwan

We have been here in Taiwan the last few days working on the 2009 range of products. All is progressing to plan & I am very happy with the new products we have in the works.

For 2009 we will have a plastic pedal out which will be very light & inexpensive, our 2 piece cranks, CrMo Oneway pegs, front bolt style hub, cassette hub with ceramic bearing in the driver which we will offer a ONE year warranty. (This kind of warranty is an industry first) We also have a freecoaster coming out as well.

Add all these to the Hell Stallion frame & fork, Mick Bayzand ‘Teddy Bars’, The Cube flatland frame as well as a whole flatland range. Things are looking good for 2009 & Colony. More on all these in the coming weeks/months.

I am over here with Mark Matthews-Frederick, who is my right hand man when it comes to designing the parts you see from Colony. Read on below to get the low down on Mark & his job within Colony.

Mark at his family trails back in Stanthorpe.

* So what’s your age and how long have you been riding for?

I’m 24 and have been riding pretty much all my life but BMX became an addiction for me in ’96.

* What got you into riding?

My brother and watching Jay Miron shred the King of Dirt on the old Wide World of Sports when I was about 11.

* What is your normal job?

I am an Industrial Designer for a train manufacturer, which means I design interior and exteriors of trains taking care of things like function, safety, comfort, looks, manufacturing and assembly.

* How did you get involved with the design side of things with Colony?

Well I have done a bit of bike design stuff in the past and Clint saw some of my work on the web, got in touch when he needed a hand with some more technical stuff and I’ve been working with Colony now for nearly 2 years.

* Has that always been something that you’ve wanted to work towards?

Yeah, for sure! I have always loved product design, so to combine it with something I have a real passion for is awesome.

* Please explain exactly what you do within Colony?

I work with Clint and Chris and the team guys in thinking up new parts, then detail the concept to maximise strength, function, looks, lightweight, etc. until we have a part that we are happy with, then I do the drawings so our manufacturers can create the part.

* What qualifications do you have for designing?

I have a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Design, which is a four year University course. Hard work but good fun.

* I believe this is your first trip over-seas? How do you like it so far?

Yeah its been awesome to learn the finer details of how all of our parts are made, and great talking engineering with the manufacturers over here, even though the language barrier hasn’t made it easy at times. Oh yeah and the food and beers here are pretty tops…

* Have you got the travel bug now?

Yeah a trip like this really opens up your eyes to what actually happens in other parts of the world. Our agent over here has really taken care of us so I have really enjoyed it.

* Any thanks?

My parents & family for all the good times, Clint and Chris for being cool, giving me the opportunity to do something I love and be part of the BMX industry; our agent here for helping us to make the best products we can and all the great experiences in the past few days; thanks to David from Fly Bikes for helping me to get to where I am today and everyone for supporting quality BMX companies like Colony.

Mark over seeing the production of Bloody Oath frames.

Unlucky13 bars half made & Bloody Oath bars ready & packed to go get painted.

Bloody Oath frames getting made.

Yo yo !!

Alex Hiam video & I am off to Taiwan.

Click here to see an awesome little video of 12 year old Alex Hiam who we hook up on flow through Crossley Cycles. This was made before he got his custom 19.8″ Bloody Oath frame. Alex has skills.

I am also off to Taiwan today to work on the 2009 product range for a week. I will post some news from there about new products throughout the week. So keep posted.

170 kgs over 100,000 times…

Yo yo !!

Damn emails…

I have just found that we have over 4,000 un-read emails that have been floating around in cyber space now for the past 6 months !!

So, if you have sent an email to us at & not had a reply in the past 6 months then that is the reason. We’re very sorry for this & want you to know we haven’t been ignoring your emails !!

Please send through your email again & we will get onto it ASAP. As you can understand with 4,000 emails to reply to it may take a while… guess I better get the coffee brewing hey?


Yo yo !!

Much more to come…

Here is a sneak peek at what new ramps are coming to the infamous Beenleigh BMX park over the coming months. The BBSA have been working very hard the previous years to get these & has finally paid off with $950,000 being spent at Beenleigh with an amazing new park course full of modern fun ramps to ride.

Expect the return of Beenleigh in 2008 as Australia’s premiere BMX park. Beenleigh is the home of Mark Schneider’s Heavy Metal Heroes competition series. It is also where many of Australia’s top riders learnt to ride over the years… Ryan Guettler, Corey Bohan, Colin Mackay to name a few.



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Richo rules.

I found this image here that Guettler did up a while back & I thought it’s too funny not to show you all. Richo rules & he can make even the most simple tricks look amazing. Plus he looks great in spandex. Bwrahahahaha…


Yo yo !!

Shane Badman’s, The Cube.

Press release from Shane Badman on the Global Flat website… also check out Flatland Australia’s website too.

I joined the Colony team in October 2007 and was given the honour and opportunity to design my own frame. I put together all the things that have worked for me over the years into a design and with help from Clint Millar at Colony, “The Cube” was born. I´ve been testing it since October to now and it has been perfect in every way. It´s light, strong and fully functional. I´m riding the 18.85″TT model, but other options will be available come mid 2008. With Simon having just joined the team, together we will be designing pegs, sprocket, 2 piece cranks, stem and a flatland specific pivotal seat & post combo along with Simon´s signature bars.

A short promo video for my frame, “The Cube” can be found here


Yo yo !!

Officially a sought after stem…

It’s official… Ryan’s Official Stem is one of our most sought after products. It is also one of our products that many PRO’s out there choose to run on their bikes even if it conflicts with their sponsors products.

Must be a reason for that? Maybe it’s the fact it’s one of the lightest stems out there? Maybe because it’s simple & not over engineered? Maybe because it looks so freaking good?

Who knows? All we know is that they are once shipping again as you read this. For those who have been waiting, the wait is almost over. The Official Stem will soon be available in plentiful supply once again…for a few weeks that is until they’re all gone again. So get in quick !!

Official Stems shown in Black, Pale Red & Pale Blue.

Official Stem shown in limited edition Laser Green.


Yo yo !!

Introducing…MY NEW DAUGHTER!


Ahaha, yep, you read correct! on tha morning of the 29th of december 07, my brand spanky new daughter Harmony Brooke Wilson-Ngata entered the world! Props to my Lady Amanda for being in labour 3 days with tha lil Bum Nugget! Its kinda crazy being a dad, but all good though, my schedule hasn’t changed at all, still ride as much as I usually do and everything else, just in the evenings there’s a lil person lying on my chest watching Animal Planet with me! Ha, maybe a Colony pit bike in the future!!? nah, maybe a micro-mini first for that first straight at the track! here’s a pic of me n her on her first day home, and her first mugshot pic! ahaha…what a baby!

Introducing Alex Hiam…

I would like to introduce you all to a very cool, young, up & coming rider from Brisbane, Australia, who is quickly making a name for himself out here. He has his head switched on much more than the average 12 year old out there & can do more stuff than guys twice or even 3 times his age. The kid has skills.

A bike shop out here called Crossley Cycles have been hooking him up for a while now & I wanted to help them as well by getting Alex a bunch of Colony stuff to ride. We also made him a very special custom Bloody Oath frame with a 19.8″ top tube with a 13.5″ rear end. We will also offer this special kids size frame for 2009. Available August 2008.

Alex will also be at the BMX Games later this month when he travels down with Peta Shepherd (thanks for the photos by the way).


Read below for a little insight into what makes Alex tick…

How long you been riding for? 2 years now.

What got you into riding? Dave Mirra on PS2, good times!

Who do you ride with on a regular basis? Cool people like Chris Courtaney, Peta, Micky, Ange, Ben Watson, Matt Domagon.

Do you have any riders that you look up to? I look up to basically the whole Colony team, they’re mad. Dave Mirra, Dennis Enarson & Chris Danger.

Any thanks? I woulde like to thank Crossley Cycles as they have helped me so much, Colony BMX as they have also helped me so much and all my kick ass friends!!!!! Oh, and my mum!



Yo yo !!

Who says girls can’t ride BMX?


Check this quick little video here of Peta Shepherd from our flow team doing something pretty cool.

Yo yo !!

BMX Games 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

Colony are proud to sponsor the BMX Games in Sydney later this month, with the Colony BMX Mini Ramp Battle taking place on the 26th January.

You can expect almost the entire Colony team to be in attendance including but not limited to these names… Ryan Guettler, Nick Richardson, Pete Radivo, Kenny Raggett, Tim Wood, Mick Bayzand, Toby Matthews, Shane Badman, Simon O’Brien as well as myself. Should be a good time with almost every BMXer in Australia in town to either ride or hang out.

Check out the BMX Games site here for full info.


Yo yo !!

Welcome to the team… Simon O’Brien !!

Yes, Simon has joined the team !! We here at Colony are very excited to see Simon join Shane in our very exclusive flatland team. Welcome to the team Simon !!

Our flatland program is starting to take shape exactly how I wanted it. Both Simon O’Brien & Shane Badman will have a huge input into what our products look like & the specs they have. Expect to see Shane’s, The Cube frame, that you already know about & some bars from Simon. Also from Colony a sprocket, freecoaster hub, some 2 piece cranks, pegs, stem & Pivotal seat & seat post combo. All these will be available around July/August this year depending where you live in the planet.



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Shane Badman update…

Here is an update that Shane sent me & what he has been up too…

What’s up guys? I have just got back from spending the past 9 days in Sweden for Christmas and New Years. I went over there with my girlfriend to spend it with her family and see how the Swedes do things.

Christmas is totally different. They celebrate on Christmas eve with all the presents handed out. It’s a big event with a huge Christmas dinner prepared and all the family invited.

New Years was huge. We spent it in a small city called Lund in the south of Sweden, not far from Copenhagen in Denmark. At midnight we climbed to the top of this massive hill with a 360degree view of all the fireworks. It was unreal seeing fireworks in every direction as far as you could see.

Sweden is an amazing country with a very high quality of life, consistent in all the Scandinavian countries. Sweden is ranked in the top 5 countries to live in the World (with Australia being number 3!). Nearly everyone speaks fluent English and getting around the country is easy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any riders while I was out there. Being the middle of winter didn’t help and with temperatures being around 0 with the coldest about -4 (when I got the riding photos done!) and it made riding pretty difficult. After a while it gets to a point where you lose feeling in your feet and hands and it’s nearly impossible to ride.

Hope everyone had an awesome New Years and see you all at the BMX Games in Sydney January 26-28th.




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For those that haven’t seen it yet…

It’s a little old now but can still hold it’s own today… Liam Fahy-Hampton’s ill fated Run At Me Slut video section… check it here. It’s a huge 110meg file though so be patient while downloading.

This is the video section that earned Liam a spot on the Colony team & got him his own signature frame & forks (yes, forks now too) which will be called the Hell Stallion. Not due out till August this year but will be worth the wait. More info in the coming months.




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Happy New Year everyone…

Happy New Year !! I wish everyone the very best for 2008 & I appreciate all your support for Colony… without you guys we are nothing. So thank you !!

Chillen in Bondi Beach earlier this year…
This pic was taken January last year in Bondi… by Freimuth.

On a side note… Pete Radivo has now started to ride again after a full 8 months off his bike from a knee re-construction. It’s great to have you back on the bike Pete… can’t wait to ride with you soon. Oh, & have a drink or two…

Yeah Pete is stoked to be back on his bike again.

Yo yo !!

Day Trip to Australia Zoo

A few days ago I went to Australia Zoo up the Sunshine Coast & here are some random pics from the day… enjoy.





Yo yo !!

Laser Green Limited Edition Colour

Our next limited edition colour – Laser Green, is shipping worldwide right now.

You will be able to get our Forks, Bars, Stems, Sprockets, Levers, Bar Ends, Headsets, Pegs, Fork Top Bolts and Pivotal Seatposts all available in this colour.

So get them while they last… contact your favourite BMX stores in the first few weeks of the new year to secure yourself some before they’re gone, forever.







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Random pics from my iPhoto…

Here are a few random pics from within my iPhoto library that I thought might be interesting enough to post up here… enjoy.

Guettler, Chris, myself & Nick spend a day at the beach.

What time is it?

Osato, myself, Pete Radivo & Nick Richardson at X Air in NZ, 2006.

Haimona looking cool as ever in Melbourne a few years ago.

Pete Radivo… hating my paparazi.

Ryan out the back of an old bike shop in Sydney a few years ago.

Pete & Nick back from shopping.

Yo yo !!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone !!


I would like to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Everyone here at Colony would like to thank all our team riders, distributors, bike shops around the world, our agent in Taiwan, magazines & websites that have given us coverage & lastly but certainly not least, any rider that has supported Colony in one form or another. Be it by buying some of our products or just checking out what we have to offer. Without all your support Colony would not be what it is today. Thank you.

Let’s hope Santa brings you plenty of Colony goodies like under this humble little tree…

Yo yo yo (Ho ho ho) !!

Bike check with Steve from Shindig

Steve from our UK distributor Shindig Distribution just sent me a pic of his new bike he has built up. It looks pretty damn hot !! Check out his impressive parts list below…


Frame: Colony 2008 Sect 20.5 brakeless.
Forks: Colony MVP forks.
Bars: Colony Bloody Oath.
Grips: Kink Omega (what’s left of them)
Stem: Colony Official.
Front wheel: Proper
Rear wheel: Proper, 10T with ceramic bearing.
Sprocket: Colony Official 28T.
Cranks: Colony 3pc.
Pedals: Odyssey Gi Resin.
Seat post: Yeah I have one, get over it.
Seat: Colony Slim Pivotal.
Tyres: Fly Bikes Ruben.
Pegs: Colony One Way.
Weight: 21.8lbs
Mods: Nothing really, a little excess metal trimmed.

Yo yo !!

Holy Smokes!

wowow, posts galore hay, well, this is a lil bit of a multi post of sorts! anyways, I made a music video for some of my buddies from a band called BLEEDERS a while ago, you can peep it here:

visit their myspace site to have a listen to their latest album, fuckin sweet shit!

Also, my friend Angelo who’s the lead singer from BLEEDERS is organising this sweet event called KILLERFEST, anyways, As well as repping Colony, I also ride for The Shadow Conspiracy and we thought it would be cool to get TSC involved in this, so come along if you’re up for a sweet night on the terps! there’s gonna be a few TSC giveaways on the night, so make sure you get your ticket early, as this is gonna be ‘Killer’ ha! thanks to Chris at 666 and Ronnie B at Shadow!


 And finally, I started a Blog! ahaha, Tim White and The Wazman are gonna be doing posts up on it,  it’s just gonna have random stupid shit, riding, drinking, girls, more drinking, and probably some more riding shit, along with hot gossip from Hollywood!!

 Right Thhhuurrr!!!

Another new ride…

Well, since it seems to be the week of making up new bikes, here is another very new set up… courtesy of Cooper Brownlee & Scott Greentree of Focalpoint Check over on the Focalpoint site for a better quality image of my new bike.

Something very different for me that’s for certain… perhaps even some kind of mid-life crisis? Either way… it’s going to be a challenge that I welcome.


Yo yo !!

Andy Kent’s new bike…

Seems like it’s that time of the year for everyone to be getting new bikes. Here is Andy Kent’s new MVP, enjoy.



Yo yo !!


Thats right pimps, playas and hustlers, built up a brand new whip bar the Colony wheelset n Guettler pur pur pur puurrpppllee official forks! If you know me, then you know that I like my bikes a lil bit on the ‘RAW’ side, kinda clunky, so its a new feeling for me to have a bike as smoove as dis blimpy right heeerree! shit be straight out tha west throw them D’s up, where my C cups at where my D cups at!? bllatt bllaattt!! Colony X Shadow collab on every part bar the brakes n rims, Its even got my boy Fiiddyy Cent straight playa pranksta’s seal of approval, thug fresh to tha illist playa!! you gotta have them Skrilla if you wanna be the illaaa!!! know whadd im saaayyyiiinnn!!

Peta & her new colour bike (for this week)

I saw Peta the other day down at Crosser’s & she had her bike in the new colour for that week (she paints her bike every few weeks !!) I hooked her up a few new parts like our Mid Pivotal Seat & Official Sprocket as well as some Unlucky13 Tall bars. Peta is a light weight freak so you know it’s a light bike… that’s how we roll at Colony.




Yo yo !!

What is this?

Check back in the next few days to see more pics of these 3 parts here… built-up.


Yo yo !!