What… a Colony flatland frame?


We have been working together with a prominant Australian flatlander for a while now on our first flatland product. Here are some sneak peaks of the frame which will be out early next year. I just thought I would give you all a little teaser. Also to let your minds wander as to who the Australian flatlander is… Let’s just say all will be revealed in good time.


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Benny Paulsen welcome to the Colony family.


Benny Paulsen from Germany is the latest member of the Colony flow team. Benny is being hooked up through our German distributor, Fastpace. Check out their site at

Benny is an amazing rider who is also very active within many events in Germany such as the Redbull Backyard Digger which has been going on for a few years now. Benny will be at the final event this weekend. Expect a small post from there after he gets back from it.

Benny is riding a 21′ Sect frame right now with our Transformer lever, Unlucky13 Tall bars, Oneway pegs & Official stem.


Welcome to the team Benny !!

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Small update from Germany

Yo… just giving you all a small update on my trip to Germany here. Just did the Rebeljam in Berlin & it was awesome as always. So much good riding & so much partying as well !! Got to see plenty of friends from around the world & made a few new ones as well. Ryan, Dave, Benny Paulsen (more news on Benny soon) & myself were all there representing Colony.

We were having too much fun & didn’t get too many pics sorry. So I haven’t got many to post here… I did get a pic of the speed I was travelling in on the train from Frankfurt to Berlin, 247 km/h !! I also thought the Berlin main train station was a cool building so took a pic too. Ryan got one pic of me on the street course pre-comp.




I was also getting plenty of positive feedback on the weight of my fully loaded bike. Complete with two brakes, four pegs, gyro etc etc at only 10.5 kgs or 23.1 lbs. It is loaded with 2008 Colony parts… MVP frame, MVP forks, Official stem, bars & sprocket, Oneway pegs, Pivotal seat, Transformer levers, Konka barends & our yet to be named hub set.


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Transformer Lever & how they work.

I’ve had a few questions on how to set up the Transformer levers of late… So I thought I would post this to help answer these questions.

If you run a straight cable then the cable itself just sits into the lever body directly as shown in this pic here. There is no adjusting barrel as such. You adjust your brakes down at the brake. We use no adjusting barrel as these just normally break or strip out anyway.


If you run a gryo then I have designed the lever to work perfectly with a Dragonfly double cable system. You use the supplied push fit barrel as shown in this pic here.


Using these cables the lever works perfectly. At this stage you cannot use an SST or an Odyssey Gryo cable with our lever. The Dragonfly or Snafu cables work much better I feel anyway.


I hope this helps anyone out there with the Transformer Lever. Now I am going to go ride down at the Mellowpark here in Berlin for the Rebeljam. Word.

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Some Photos n shit…

whats up colonics!! heres a couple of pics that I had lying around, none of them riding, but it has been raining non stop here in auckland for the past two weeks, so theres pretty much been no riding going down. Finally got moved into my house that i have bought, few random pics, I do alot of freelance animation and editing work for a few record companies over here so its good to finally get my computers set up properly. Happy birthday to mike bosanovich aka zombie mike, we went for a bit of a bday bike ride the other night, got a bit tipsy so that was awesome!! My new house is bout 5 minutes from the wazmans house, so its good to have a friend to drink and ride with who lives round the corner. If you didn’t know, zombie mike runs the website, go check it out and send him an email to put more borno material up2.jpg3.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg1.jpg11.jpg

Off to Rebeljam in Berlin.


Like many of the worlds BMXers in the know, I am off to Berlin, Germany for the Rebeljam this weekend. I am at the airport right now in Brisbane waiting for my flight. I will be meeting up with Guettler & Freimuth as well as many of my other friends from home & around the world. Should be a blast as always. I will get some pics & post in the next days. I will also be hanging in Germany for 3 weeks to ride & take it easy. Word.

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Pale Blue…

Yo… Here is a sneak pic of the Pale Blue colourway for our 2008 range of parts. Shown is the Official Stem & Sprocket, Transformer Lever & our yet to be named hub set.


The cassette hub uses the Q-Lite internals with our own refinements on the hub shell & axle. While our front hub is a bolt style of our own unique design. It will also come with a 7075T6 alloy axle making it very light.

Both hubs will come with colour coded hardware which makes for a very cool look. The hubs will be available January 2008… while the Stem, Sprocket & Lever will be available in Pale Blue, Pale Red & Pale Purple from September this year.

Keep an eye out here for more info over the coming months…

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Hell Stallion?

Liam Fahy-Hampton has been creating quite a buzz for sometime now with his ‘run at me slut’ video section floating around cyber-space. Hell, that’s one of the main catalysts for me to chase him down & offer him a spot on Colony to start with.

When we first talked I wanted to offer Liam something special to be a part of Colony & that was in the form of a possible signature frame. Well here are the very first pics of the ‘Hell Stallion’ pure street frame from the minds of Liam & myself. These were fresh off the welding jig before heading off to be full post heat treated & then painted.

Don’t ask any details on it just yet please as it’s all very much in the early stages… Just know it’s low, light, strong & very street ready. No release date is even close yet (not likely for at least 6 months) but expect to see Liam & Mick Bayzand rolling on these prototypes in the coming weeks.





Oh check out Liam’s video section here… It’s a huge 110meg file so be patient but well worth the wait…

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Colony bling bling.

Check it out… Colony bling bling in the way of a one off 18ct gold Colony pendant. One of the best presents I have ever received. Thank you so much… you know who you are !!

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Andy Kent’s MVP

Andy just sent me pics of his new bike he has just built up. He is now mounted on his first Colony. A prototype MVP in 20.75′ in our limited edition colour, Metallic Purple. He also has the latest Official Forks in the same Purple to match. Andy was quoted as saying, It’s a sweet ride, you guys make one hell of a cycle! haha… Glad you like it & enjoy your new bike Andy !!



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Greetings from Taiwan…


I am in Taiwan right now over seeing the production of our 2008 range of products. The 2008 Endeavor complete bike is being produced today & will ship to some countries next week. So keep an eye out for them in the USA, Australia, the UK & the Netherlands in the next weeks. All other countries will be shipping in a month or so.

Here are a few random pics from my trip so far. One from the plane not long after taking off over Australia & the others are a night time & day time view from my hotel in Taichung here in Taiwan.




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Ryan’s Official Forks, Stem & Sprocket…plus more

Ryan’s Official parts line with Colony is available right now or very soon in most countries. You can get the new Official Forks with a limited edition Pale Red top cap. New to the line is the Official Stem in Pale Red with more colours to come later in the year. The Official sprocket in 25T in Pale Red is also back in stock again. The highly anticipated Transformer Lever is also available in most countries now or very soon. Check the products section for full info now. Maybe with these on your bike you can ride like Ryan? Or maybe at least you will be seen as supporting Australian BMX at it’s finest while having some of the most modern light weight products on your bike.




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Oneway Pegs… what makes them so special?

This is one question I get asked all the time. Well, I thought I would explain to you all what makes them so unique & another world first for Colony.

Their main feature is the offset internal machining. The name ‘Oneway’ came from the fact that the bottom section is thicker where you grind, while the top section is thinner where you don’t grind. Meaning you can only use them oneway. See the drawing here for what I mean.


They are machined from heat treated 7075T6 alloy which actually grinds faster on coping & rails than crmo. It is also amazingly light & so much more affordable than titanium. Of course these pegs are more suited to park & light street use. These are for the weight conscious riders out there. Many top name riders are using these pegs right now but I wont drop names here.

Our pegs are available in 10mm or 14mm. The 14mm versions come with or without built-in chain tensioners in right or left hand versions. Sold separately & come with a handy bag that is great for an ipod or digital camera carry case.

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Welcome to the team…

As Colony is growing as a brand so is our worldwide flow team. We have recently picked up a bunch of new riders from all corners of the globe with more to come. Many thanks go to our distributors who have put forward these great new additions to the Colony flow team.

James Steele… is from Canada & is now killing it on a prototype MVP frame right now. Tenpack have done well to hook us up with James. Welcome to the team James.



Freimuth told me I had to hook Andy Kent up on the flow team. What Dave wants, Dave gets, so Andy will soon also be riding an MVP prototype packed full of Colony parts. Thanks to Freimuth on getting us Andy to rep for Colony in the USA. Welcome to the team Andy.



Tim Wood is a vert legend in Australia & abroad with his amazing 900’s & other such vert insanity. I have known Tim for many many years & I couldn’t take seeing him on the bikes he was riding from his previous sponsor any longer. So now Tim is also mounted on a MVP prototype. Welcome to the team Tim, it’s an honour to have you aboard.

[youtube t2qfESSfCVU]

Check back in the next week or so for our fully updated flow team section in the website. There will be even more riders revealed as part of the Colony family.

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Bring summer on…

I always used to dislike summer I thought. Always too hot for my liking. I loved winter here in Brisbane in the past but this winter has really hammered the fact home that I don’t like being cold !!

I am really looking forward to the summer ahead… doing things like hanging at the beach before going for a ride in the cool of the afternoon. Take for instance the pics here from last summer down in the Central Coast just north of Sydney. Ryan, Richo, Chris & myself spent the day at the beach playing cricket, fishing, drinking & just generally having an awesome time. Bring on those days again soon I say! Especially the good old ‘bonfires on the beach’ festivities at night….





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Kenny Raggett rules…


I’ve known Kenny for a very long time now & he never stops to amaze me with his bike skills. Not sure how I got this pic here of Kenny blasting the shit out of this mellow quarter in Sydney but thought it was worth sharing. Kenny has got skills. Plus he has got his own frame called the Sect… check it out now in the products pages.

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Some random pics from the weekend!






Whats up internet world, how goes it all!! The weekend was slow and wet here in NZ, hardly any riding, so I thought I’d post some random pictures. I saw my Mum and Dad the other week, and they had my three bulldogs with them, they’re all built like brick shithouses, and do nothing much all day but eat, sleep, and go for walks along the beach with my Mum. I would hate to be on the receiving end of one of their bites though, they have crazy lock-jaw and would take your fingers off for sure. Oh yeah, Me and the skirt bought a house the other week, it’s in Auckland, pretty stoked, nice area and stuff, it’s awesome inside but I could only get these outside shots, we move in next month, but that car port and all that front garden is getting plowed,  I will keep you updated, oh yeah, I bought THE original transformers movie the other day, if you haven’t seen this yet, rush out and get it, a classic for sure!!! its the one when Optimus Prime dies! Peace and loving to the internet world! Lates!

Bloody Oath Bars anyone?

Nick Richardson’s massive bars are shipping right now worldwide to a select few countries. Australia, USA, UK & France will get them in a very limited edition Chrome.


These things are bloody huge… 28.5″ wide, 8″ high with 12 degrees back sweep & 1 degree of up sweep. Of course you can also get them in good old Black. In Australia they’re also available in Clear Coat & White as a special pre-release limited edition colourway.


Get them while they last…

Taybos not included.

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Ryan Guettler’s signature Official line

We have a very limited edition of Ryan’s signature line of products shipping any day now. Some countries like Germany & France have already received their shipments with others to follow any day now.

Be on the look out for special limited edition Official Forks with Pale Red top cap weighing in at an amazing 1.88lbs or 855grams !! Backed by our Full Lifetime Warranty.



There is also the first release of Ryan’s Official stem in Pale Red to match at a mere 8.81oz or 250grams.



Be quick as these will go very fast… contact your local BMX store in your country now.

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New Colony frames coming…4.0lbs & 4.5lbs ??

Bloody oath we got some new, very special frames coming for 2008.

All our frames for 2008 feature Full Post Heat Treatment giving them an amazing strength to weight ratio. Basically, our frames are Heat Treated after welding & this creates the incredible strength that they possess.

First, we have the Dave Freimuth signature frame called the MVP. It comes in either 20.25 or 20.75 top tube lengths & weighs in at a mere 4.5lbs (2,050grams). Dave’s tech machine will hold up to anything you can throw at it whether you run front brakes or not.

Dave’s MVP frame in the limited edition Metallic Purple colourway.

Nick Richardson’s signature frame, called the Bloody Oath, is our lightest frame at 4.0lbs (1,850grams) This will be one of the worlds lightest frames designed with Nick’s ever so popular style in mind. It will come in 21 or 21.25 top tube sizes.

The Bloody Oath frame to go along with Nick’s massive Bloody Oath bars.

All of our the frames feature our Colonized CrMo tubing & our own design built-in seat clamp saving you weight & making for a very clean look. Check back soon for more info & more detailed photos.

The 2008 range of frames will be available around the world in September. Look out for the first limited edition colour of Metallic Purple.

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Street Assasins

Liam Fahy-Hampton & Mick Bayzand are both amazing street assasins living in Melbourne, Australia. They are both some of the latest members of the Colony family.

You can now see them on Colony frames loaded with Colony parts. Liam is testing the new 4.0lb Full Post Heat Treated Bloody Oath frame, while Mick is on a Sect. Both are loving their new rides.

If you don’t know of these two then you soon will. Both have been killing the streets for a long time now. Expect big things soon. Thanks to Cooper from for the pics.

Welcome to the team guys !!

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Liam doing a monster gap without the aid of a chain or sprocket as only he does.

Mick sliding a rail in Melbourne. The thing you can’t see in the pic is the wall right at the bottom of the rail which was unavoidable to run into. Mick rules.

A Month In The Life Of – Teaser

Check out this little teaser for the up coming DVD release…

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[youtube VHVSY7bcih4]

Happy Birthday Ryan…

Big birthday wishes go out to Ryan Guettler today… It’s his 24th birthday today.

Thanks for all your support for Colony Ryan & I hope you have a good one mate… Let’s hope you get a bit more than this fish for presents…

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Got lycra?

I forgot I even had this pic… haha Guettler & Richo looking the part… bwrahahahaha

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Random pics from our Australian/NZ trip

Yo… I thought I would post a few random pics from our trip throughout Australia & NZ earlier this year while filming for the DVD. I am bored at Brisbane airport right now on my way to Sydney for the night. So yeah, just passing some time here…enjoy !! Thanks to Freimuth for the pics.

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A Month In The Life Of

Earlier this year we filmed for almost 4 weeks in the life of the entire team. We travelled in Australia from Brisbane to Sydney then over to Wellington in New Zealand & onto the South Island for a roadtrip.

On the trip there was Ryan Guettler, Dave Freimuth, Nick Richardson, Pete Radivo, Kenny Raggett, Haimona Ngata & myself. We also had a very special guest in the way of Dave Osato. The trip is also going to be documented in the next issue of Ride BMX UK.

I have been busy editing the footage from the trip into our first DVD release. It’s getting rather close to being finished now & will be in shops within the next 6 weeks or so. Keep an eye out for ‘A Month In The Life Of’ at all good BMX shops worldwide.

Oh yeah & check here for a possible trailer in the next week or two.

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what a buzz!! heellllloooo internet world!!

So I gots this email from Millar that the site is finally up and running, awesome to see! then he sends me another one saying that everyone can do their own updates! (up-dates! ahehehe) So I thought I would log in and say hello to internet world!!

The weather here in NZ is poorah at the moment, hosing down with rain, and just when it looks like it may be dry enough to get out for a peddle, it starts spitting and then KABOOSH!!! a full down pour, make sure you’ve gotten the washing off the clothesline stuff!! So theres been alot of drinking, eating pies, and watching saucy videos on the internet, here’s hoping the weather fines up this weekend, will post some random pictures next time foreshore!

Ryan Guettler’s Official Signature Stem

Ryan’s signature stem, the Official Stem, will also be shipping worldwide with the Transformer Lever. We have worked very tightly with Ryan on this one & its something we are very proud of for sure.

It’s machined from 7057T6 alloy as opposed to most stems which are 6061T6 alloy. Our stem can then be machined out much more than normal making it very light weight. It weighs in at 250 grams or 8.03 oz. It is also very strong as 7075T6 is much stronger & more durable. It features a removable gyro plate as well.

You can have Ryan’s stem on your bike in Pale Red any day soon or in Black, Pale Blue from September. We will also have limited edition colours like Dark Purple & Pale Green.

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Transformer Lever shipping now…

Yes, finally the Transformer Lever is shipping to all of our distributors right now. Soon it will be available worldwide.

The Transformer Lever is one of our star products & will surely change the way levers are looked at from now onwards. They are a full precesion CNC machined lever from 6061T6 alloy. This eleminates the annoying ‘lever wobble’ all levers have had in the past. They are also incredibly light at 60 grams or 2.11 oz. This is half the weight of any other BMX lever on the market. They feature no threaded barrel adjuster to strip out or bend as your cable fits straight into the body. They will also come with an adaptor piece to suit the twin cable systems out there as well. Also supplied will be spare bushings.

Shipping now are right hand versions in Black only with left hand also available in September as well as a right hand Trigger version. There will also be colours available with Pale Red, Pale Blue & limited edition colours such as Dark Purple & Pale Green.

We hope that you like our lever as we have worked hard on it for over 18 months now.

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We test our products…

At Colony we test our products in more ways than one well before you put them on your bike. Take our Official & MVP forks for instance. Both of these forks offer a Full Lifetime Warranty & we can do this because we have total confidence in our forks.

Not only do the team test them riding we also test our forks in the factory. The machine showed here has a 170 kg weight pressed down on the forks over 100,000 times to test their strength. They pass this test with full straight A’s.

You can rest assured when you run a Colony fork you are getting some of the lightest & strongest forks on the market.

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