We have a winner!

Richo’s bike has been bought up after a pretty successful auction. We had many bid’s & I thank everyone who placed one. But it went in the end to a friend of Nick’s for $700. We even had one bid for $1,500 after the auction had ended! However, the bike will be put to good use as it’s the way for his friend to get back into riding after a few years off, so all is good.

Thanks again for all those that placed bids the cash raised will help pay off Nick’s medical debts. His operation by the way went very well & is on the long road to recovery very well.


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Tangerine & Grey limited edition colours

Check it… shipping now & available in the coming weeks in your country. While stocks last.


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Alex’s new bike…

Alex Hiam was down at Crossley Cycles today building up a new bike, well actually giving his new ride a custom paint job courtesy of Mick Lav. They did a pretty good job & it looks the goods.

Alex rides our 2009 Bloody Oath frame in the special ‘kids’ size. It features a 19.8″ TT with a 13.5″ rear end & weighs in at 4.2lbs. It’s aimed at the younger riders out there that want a high quality, light weight frame that also has the geometry to suit them.

They are shipping to selected countries now & will be available over the coming weeks depending where you live.


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Film montage up on Vital

There is a cool little film montage by Stu up on Vital featuring Simon O’Brien & myself as well as Corey Bohan & Dave Dillewaard. Enjoy.

See More BMX Videos at

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Bendigo Jam October 4th

For those that want a good time on & off their bikes head to Bendigo for the annual jam there on October 4th.
If you need more info contact the guys at Connections BMX

p.s. – Just don’t book a motel room with Pete Radivo, trust me !! haha


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New Bayzand advert…

Here is our next advert due to appear in Ride BMX, DIG, 2020 & Focalpoint featuring our Colonial Cranks & Mick Bayzand.


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Colonial Cranks update…

Our Colonial Cranks are shipping now to most countries & will be available over the coming weeks. Here are some pics of the colours that will be available in the first offering.

Check our products catalogue for full specs & details.

Tangerine & Grey

White & Black

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Make an offer for Richo’s bike.

That’s right kids… we are giving you the chance to own Nick Richardson’s personal bike here. As you may or may not know, Nick has recently undergone a knee reconstruction & will be out of action for 8 months. To help pay for his medical bills we are going to auction of his bike since he wont be needing it anytime soon.

Send in your offers in AUD$ to… with the heading of, ‘Richo’s Bike’ & the highest bidder will own his bike. Remember all funds raised are going to a good cause.

I am sorry but this offer only valid to people who live in Australia. Postage will be paid by the bidder as well. Email away !!

Bids close the 18th September so be quick.


The bike you will be bidding for… highest bid wins !!

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Old school pic…

I was looking through some old photos & came across this beauty of a pic. It’s features from left to right, Michael Canfield (one of the guys that introduced me to riding back in 1988), myself, Ryan Guettler (at around 8 years old) & Tim Wood. We had our own show team called, Wheels Entertainment & we did shows in & around Brisbane. This pic would have been taken around 1992. Pretty funny stuff.


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Simon O’Brien’s DejaVu

Simon sent me the first pic of his DejaVu frame all built up with his DejaVu forks, bars & Pivotal Seat. His Colony parts list reads like this… all with various availability dates as shown.

Frame: DejaVu 18.9 (due mid 2009)
Fork: DejaVu (due mid 2009)
Bars: DejaVu (due late 2008)
Bar Ends: Konka (available now)
Stem: T.L.D (due late 2008)
Headset: Colony (available now)
Levers: Transformer (available now)
Cranks: Colonial 160mm (due late 2008)
Sprocket: Jam Circle (due late 2008)
BB Kit: Colony Spanish (due late 2008)
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic (due late 2008)
Seat: DejaVu (due late 2008)
Pegs: Plastic prototypes (no set date yet)
Freecoaster: Clone prototype (no set date yet)


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New products out now

We have had some new stuff arrive in most countries recently & below are few pics of what is out there at a good BMX shop near you now. So go check out your favourite local BMX shop & get acquainted with some of our new products. Check our products catalogue for full details.

Pivotal Post, Slim Pivotal Seat & Official Stem in White.

Hell Stallion Forks.

Clone Hubs.

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Alans BMX & Liam Vance

AlansBMX in the UK have been flowing Liam Vance some Colony gear for a little while now. The kid is only 11 years old & by the looks of these pics killing it already. Kids these days hey?



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More Eurobike 2008…

Achim from Fastpace sent us some more pics of their stand at Eurobike. Gives you a little sneak of some of our 2009 product range. Namely the ’09 Cube & Bloody Oath frame. Shipping worldwide right now. Look out for them soon. If you can’t wait till their available in a month or so then you can check them out at the Tip Plus booth #5149 at Interbike in Vegas in a few weeks.


That Orange is our painted version of our limited colour, Tangerine. Available on all frames, forks, bars & cranks.

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Weekend up north report…

As reported myself, Alex Hiam & Peta Shepherd went up north for the weekend, namely for Tuckfest in Rockhampton. A great time was had by all & some riding was done. Both Alex & Peta ended up 3rd in the comp with Alex in pro & Peta in expert. Some great riding was seen from all the locals & there were plenty of riders from the surrounding towns like Mackay & Hervey Bay. It was a good day for sure.

On our travels we also hit up a few other parks along the way & had some sessions. We meet up with two sisters who ride by the names of Tahlia & Natalya Diehm. They both ride Colony Sect frames with Natalya on her Sect frame with many thanks to Chris Courtneay. He gave her the frame he won from the comp in Rocky, damn straight up awesome to see. In fact, everyone from the trip who won some prizes gave them back out to others who needed them more than themselves. So good to see. Alex even made some more fans & was asked for his first autographs… a star in the making for sure.



Calliope is like a mini version of Alex’s favourite park, Kuraby.

The fun little park in Childers.

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A sad goodbye to Freimuth

It’s one of those things that are on the horrible side of running a bike company. Having to make hard decisions that you just don’t want to have to do.

I recently had to make the call on a few changes within Colony & some of these are to do with the team. After being on Colony from close to the beginning I had to let Dave go. It was the hardest decision I have had to make & one that I did not take lightly.

Dave is no longer an official part of the team as such but will still ride Colony products until he decides not to do so. Even Dave’s son, Thompson, will have an MVP frame waiting for him when it comes time as we are sending Dave two extra frames while they last. One for his son to ride in years to come & another for Dave to hang on his wall as a momento of his signature frame with Colony. So the split is definately on the very best of terms.

I must thank Dave for all his efforts these last two years & I will look back on the days when I was lucky enough to have one of my all time favourite riders on my own team. Good times for sure & I am very grateful to have been able to have Dave an integral part of Colony.

Thank you for everything Dave & good luck with everything in the future.


Toothpick to fakie at the 2007 BMX Games in Sydney.

Weekend up north…

Myself, Alex Hiam & Peta Shepherd are off to Rockhampton for the weekend for Tuckfest 08. Should be a fun time. We will also ride some of the parks up there in the surrounding areas like Gladstone. We will do some filming & you can expect a web edit from the weekends festivities in the coming weeks.

If you’re in the area then make sure you get yourself to Rockhampton on Saturday for Tuckfest 08. Proudly supported by Tuckers Cycle Inn, wethepeople & of course us here at Colony.


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Shane Badman bike check

Shane sent me some pics of his new bike he has just built up. It’s loaded with a bunch of Colony prototype parts. Looks like black is back? The Colony parts list reads as follows…

Frame – Cube (available September 2008)
Fork – Cube (no release date set yet)
Stem – T.L.D (available late 2008)
Seat – Cube (available September 2008)
Pedals – Fantastic Plastic (available late 2008)
Pegs – Plastic prototypes (no release date set yet)




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Mick Bayzand update

Mick just sent me an email to say that he went up to Whistler on the weekend to ride & had a blast until he smashed his arm really bad trying superman seat grab backies into the foam. His fingers turned all purple & he had thought he had broken his arm. It turns out he just smashed it really good & will be off the bike for a while. I am sure Mick will be back on it sooner than later being the tough mother that he is.



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Weekend in Melbourne

I just got back from my weekend in Melbourne & I am so sore. Had a great time riding & haven’t ridden that much in a while. First we hit up the opening of Rampfest & all I can say is that place is amazing.

The next day we hit up a the new Knox park as well as a local school & the old Knox park, good times. Myself, John B, Pete Radivo, Luke Barling, Josh Mete met up with the Focalpoint crew & good times were had by all.

We hit up Flemington banks on Sunday which is always a treat. That new little ghetto quarter there is amazing. Exactly my kind of stuff to ride.

A big shout out goes to John B & the Radivo family for looking after me. Thanks go to John B & Cooper Brownlee for the pics. I am already looking forward to coming down again soon.

Pete Radivo with tailwhip nosepick on the quarter at Flemington. Pic by Cooper.

John B showing his growing photo skills with a few stunts from myself.

Team Forgotten in the house.

Yo yo !!

Rampfest video

Here is a cool introduction to the brand new park in Melbourne called, Rampfest. It gives you a really good overview of this amazing place. I was down here for the opening night & it was a treat to be here for it. This is going to be a great thing for the riding scene in Melbourne & a huge shout out goes to Brett for stepping up with such a huge project. Everyone should get to the park & show some support.

Off to Rampfest in Melbourne

Yo… I am off to Melbourne today to check out the opening night of Rampfest. Should be a great time indeed. I will also do some riding in & around Melbourne & hang out with Pete Radivo. Fun times ahead !!

If you’re in Melbourne this weekend make sure you get out there for the first official BMX day on Saturday.


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Richo web edit

A few weeks ago I met Nick at Beenleigh to film one last time before his pending knee surgery. We got some footage clocked in an afternoon & this is the result. Nick is now out for 8 months with his knee recon & we wish him the best & fastest recovery.

Click here to check out his efforts that one afternoon a few weeks ago.


Check back in the next week or two for info on how you can make a bid for Nick’s personal bike, as seen above, to help him pay off his medical bills.

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Oleg edit & jam in Moscow

Oleg Alexsandrov, our boy in Russia, sent me a link to his latest web edit he has floating around cyber space. Some rather impressive moves in there for sure. He also told me about a comp called the Adrenalin Games happening in Moscow September 20th & 21st. If you’re in Moscow then check it out. Click here for more information.

Untitled from insidebmx2 on Vimeo.

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Tuckfest 08 in Rockhampton September 6th

As reported a couple weeks ago, there is a comp going down in Rockhampton that should be a bit of fun. A few guys from the team will be coming up with myself including Alex Hiam. Click here to see an advert for the comp that will appear on local TV stations in Rockhampton. See you there !!


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The Stallion is coming…

The first batch of 2009 Hell Stallion frames are getting painted right now & ready to be shipped out.

Liam’s frame has been refined even further now & will feature removable brake hardware & an improved built-in seat clamp with replaceable nut & bolt. We also refined the drop outs with a cleaner shape & lighter design.

His final production frame weighs in at 4.76lbs of full post heat treated beauty.

Expect it to be available from mid to late September in most countries.



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Random Colony fan photos…

Yo… check these two totally random, unrelated fan photos that I have been sent recently.

Random Colony shop in NY City, USA.

Some serious lifetime commitment for our Official sprocket.

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Custom bike simulator

The guys over at Strictly BMX have a pretty cool simulator where you can get an idea of what your custom colour co-ordinated bike could look like. Try it out with our White Limited Edition parts in mind perhaps?

Check it out by clicking here.


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Limited edition White parts

We have done a limited run of White products which have just landed in most countries now. You can get Official Stems, Pivotal Slim seats (with either Red or Purple stars), Pivotal seat posts, our Headsets, Clone Hubs & our Transformer Levers (not pictured) all in White. Add this to some of already available items like Bloody Oath Bars in White & you can colour code your bike all the way.




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Happy Birthday Alex !!

Alex Hiam turns 13 years old today !! We wish him the best day possible & hope he has a great year ahead. Thanks for being an important part of Colony mate & I am looking forward to the times ahead of us.

If you need a refresher course on what Alex is capable of click here for his web video.


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Colony riders pulling covers…

Colony riders are currently pulling covers left, right & centre right now. Firstly we had Mick Bayzand getting the cover of 2020bmx magazine along with some fantastic editorial inside it’s pages… check it out below.

Mick’s first cover.

Mick’s first full length interview.

Colony trip in Canberra.

Now we have Liam Fahy-Hampton scoring the cover of the latest & greatest Rebelyell magazine. Word. The way my team are going they will send us broke with photo contingencies due for their awesome work out there in BMX land. Well done Mick & Liam… keep it up boys.

Liam with his first Rebelyell cover.

Both magazines are due out this week… so keep an eye out for them at your favourite BMX shop.

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