Ben Thompson video

Thanks to Leeton Kleingeld for filming/editing this video of Ben for Bicycle Centre in Townsville, QLD. Ben really puts together some wild lines in this video, the last clip is just ridiculous…

Follow him on Instagram as you will be constantly entertained by his riding Instavids he posts up.

Jackie Straiton @ Woodward West

Check this video of Jackie giving you a run down of his time at Woodward…

Stacked BMX jam video

Larry doing good things for the Riverside scene with Stacked BMX. Here’s the video from the latest street ride they do each month. Jourdan has a bunch of good clips throughout along with all the locals.

ACT JAM video

The Backbone guys put together a 10 minute video from the crazy weekend that was ACT JAM. All the crew feature throughout this video so have a watch and start counting down the weeks until next years jam…

Mick Bayzand digging deep

For the past couple months Mick and I have been heading down to the trails and helping out with the locals on some re-building of particular lines. Up until last week we hadn’t really rode them at all so it was great to get a session in and start filming for an up and coming project we are working on, Mick has already got some good stuff so we wanted to share one of the shots we captured last week.

Shoutout to the DCT locals for welcoming us into their home.



Nathan Dans cover

Nathan Sykes scored the latest Dans Comp catalogue cover along with a mini interview within the catalogue. Be sure to check it all out…


Canada Trip

A few of the crew are heading over to Vancouver in a couple weeks for a roll with the locals. First stop will be the 3Ride shop for a session. Keep an eye on our Instagram and the site for more updates but basically we will be hitting up a bunch of parks for the week, so come out for a ride. Thanks to KEA for making it happen.

Check the flyer below that the 3Ride crew put together for the day.


Chris Courtenay update

Quick check in guys. I Went to the ACTJAM the other weekend with the rest of the team and what an experience that was, such a great vibe & 110% will be back next year, I suggest anyone thinking of going should attend! Apart from that, been cruising around Brisbane riding a bunch. All the homies are out of town at the moment so if your around Brisbane and keen to ride be sure to hit me up! I’m always down. Also got some new web content coming to your eyes soon so keep an eye out. Here’s a few photos to follow my recent adventures.





Connor Keating @ Dew Tour

Props to Connor for placing 3rd at the recent Chicago Dew Tour Features AM event. Hopefully some footage surfaces from the comp…


Print Advert – Nathan Sykes

Below is the print advert from the latest RIDE BMX magazine. Featuring Nathan Sykes carving around a pool we rode back in Feb. I had to borrow Matt Cordova’s camera for this one so that we could sit the camera in the middle of the pool and shoot it from outside the pool as I didn’t have the cord for my camera. It took a few shots to get the timing right and to fit the entire shape of the pool in the image but I am stoked on how it came out and that we ended up using it for an advert. Go get yourself a copy of the mag and check it all out.

More info about the Wasp Hubs right here