Alex Hiam update

Hey guys! I am currently in California for the next 2 months with Boyd Hilder. We are here riding the U.S. open Vans invitational Bowl contest at Huntington Beach this week! It’s gonna be a hella good time lots of sunshine and smiles. We are staying at Ryan Guettlers for the next week then going else where after that!!!

The past week I have had a hurt foot from getting my foot caught in the frame/crank doing a fakie. So I have been resting it But the physios at the vans contest are treating me and I have just started to ride again for this contest. Hope it holds up!!! Today was our first practice, I’m really liking the course !!

Here’s some pictures from my first week in Cali.







Have Fun, Ride Bikes with Patrick Kelly

A very strong supporter for Colony & all round good guy, Patrick Kelly has just dropped an awesome edit featuring some great riding on a Prody Frame & some great use of the front brake. We’re keeping the front brake dream alive one bike at a time !! Enjoy.

Yo yo !!

Canadian Concrete video

If you follow us on Instagram or on here you would know a few of us went to Canada for a week to ride some of the amazing places the guys have over there. We also hung out at the Kirkstone jam/comp which Victor actually won. Bracamonte, Nathan and Victor all have clips in this video from the day.

Jack Kelly interview

JK has an interview over on the BMX Union website, hit this link to check it out…


Photo by Rubers.

Focus Gallery on RIDE

Nathan has a couple great shots in the July Focus gallery shot by Jeff Z on RIDE. Check them all here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.59.49 am

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.01.12 am

Clint Millar 41st birthday video

This was a nice surprise to see in my emails the other day…

“It’s become a bit of a tradition the last few years now for me to spend my birthday riding & film an edit from it. This year, my 41st birthday was spent doing exactly that. I wanted to ride as many varied spots as I could & make a true “freestyle” edit as such, with a bit of everything thrown in for good measure. Alex Hiam came along & we had a blast riding, even though it was the windiest day ever with gail force cyclonic winds. @hardythepuppy even makes a cameo appearance as in video’s past as well. Pretty stoked with the end result & a big thanks to Troy Charlesworth for making me look better than I really am.” – Clint Millar.

VW’s & BMX’s

This was from a few years ago now but spotted this over on the Type 2 Detectives website. It’s a behind the scenes shoot on our colab VW Type 3 Panelvan we built a few years ago now. Not all BMX but pretty cool to see none the less. Enjoy.

Yo yo !!

Shane & Simon update

Hey guys – just got home from an epic weekend! Simon O’brien and myself were recently asked to do shows for super producer and DJ, Mark Ronson at Splendour in the Grass where he headlined. He’s won a bunch of awards for his music, but has also produced for other massive artists like Amy Winehouse, Adele and Lana Del Ray. Crazy.

This year he put together a massive show to take around the world and for one of their tracks, The Bike Song, they wanted to have Flatland in it – stoked! While rain, a wet stage and tiny, tiny area to ride in made it tough, the massive crowd were stoked which was awesome.

Huge shout out to Mark Ronson and crew for getting BMX and flatland out there and putting on a massive show!

Check out more photos on our instagrams – @shanebadman and @simonobrienofficial

Show time - photo by Nina Wiltshire

Simon and Shane backstage - photo Nina Wiltshire

Simon, Mark Ronson, Shane - photo Nina Wiltshire

Instagram Slam at FOD

Nathan gets in on a bunch of clips for the latest TCU Instagram Slam down the local spot…

More from California

We hit up a trails session before heading out for a good time at Home Ave for the afternoon. Victor tried to break my new camera and Nathan got in on a few clips.