Alex Hiam @ Woodward West

If you follow Alex on Instagram you would know he is travelling around the USA right now with Boyd. Well he spent some time at Woodward West and as you would expect he shredded! Good to see him using every part of the place….

Edited by Dave Pendleton.

Nathan Sykes and the Tradition frame

Sykes came through with a cool interview about our new Tradition frame over on the Vital BMX website, you can read it all here and enjoy some easy on the eye riding shots of Nathan while you are at it.



Jourdan Barba’s new ride

Barba just set up a fresh new bike, we will have a full bike check soon but for now, check out how good the new Monash frame looks all built up…


Tom Stretton update

Hey guys just a little update to let you know what’s happening.

It’s been hard to give anyone news because to be quite honest, there hasn’t been any. So I’m going through physio weekly and have to keep doing that. I have an MRI scheduled for 3 months from now because believe it or not there is still too much edema in my knee. It’s a long process but I’m getting stronger by the day and am not letting it get me down too much.

Now to the good news. That news is that everyone’s favourite human (and my own personal hero) Bobbie Altiser has a split video coming out with myself next week. It’s not the same as our first one but the things he does on a bike are just absurd. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen at least 5 of the tricks he does in it. So get excited for that.

The footage of myself was just stuff that I was able to film with the man Cooper while we had the chance for a month at the start of last summer. Still fun stuff though. Other than that I’m just keeping busy guys. Exercising my leg mainly. I’ll be back in no time. Just wanted to say thanks to Colony for having my back this whole time I’ve been injured. Really lifts my spirits and makes me want to get back faster.

Anyway, until next time, Peace!


Zac Miner – Thanks for the good times…

Zac Miner decided to take a step back from the PRO side of things within BMX so we wanted to send him off right with a video of all his most recent un-seen footage. We had some fun trips with Zac all around the world which I will miss but thankfully our friendship doesn’t end here so the good times will continue no doubt…

Be sure to check out his section in the Backbone BMX dvd that recently came out it’s a wild one!

Thanks to B-Dog for the additional clips.

Mick Bayzand @ Noble Park

Mick recently headed down to the brand new Noble Park in Melbourne with a couple of his boys Kym and Sean from Strictly BMX. The guys put together this video from the session, i definitely recommend hitting up the park if you are ever in Melbourne.

Cooper Brownlee photo feature

Over on Vital there is a photo feature with Cooper Brownlee from his many recent North American adventures. A few of the team guys such as Nathan Sykes, Jourdan Barba, Brandon Van Dulken, Polly & Victor Salazar all have some great shots in there.

As always, Coops’s photo skills are on point, check it out here now.


Yo yo !!

Mick Bayzand update

Hey Guys,

Over here in Melbourne we have been lucky enough to have some new parks pop up of late. Last weekend myself and the boys went and hit the new Noble Park skate park, it’s a pretty epic park with something for everyone from big bowls to really fun jib rails. we filmed a little mixtape there which I have a few clips in so be on the look out for that. I also have some clips in another mixtape that’s about to drop soon.

Also with daylight savings on its way and summer coming I am working on another solo web edit and also a special project with Cooper Brownlee I am real pumped on.

So dont be lazy, get out there on your bike. have fun, keep learning and get creative.




Canadian Concrete – Penticton

KEA are always doing great things for the Canadian scene such as these comp/jams. Brandon happen to win this round and from the video you will see him blasting some crazy gaps along with everyone enjoying the good looking park…

Bruno Faucon video

The French connection, Bruno Faucon recently set-up a new Monash frame surrounded by other Colony goods. He shot this video of building it up then putting it to work at the local park…