Versatil custom at Lux BMX

The guys at Lux BMX have built up a very sweet custom bike based around our Versatil frame along with a swag of Colony BMX goodies. You can make it yours today starting here now.

Yo yo !!

Alex Hiam video

All new Alex Hiam video stacked with some amazing clips. Filmed around Melbourne and Brisbane over the past couple of months.

Check out the Sweet Tooth range of parts here.

Dean Anderson in Old News

Dean Anderson has some really good clips in this video from Jason Griffiths. Check it out…

Alex Hiam video drops tomorrow!

Get excited! Alex Hiam video part drops tomorrow! Here’s a little taste for you guys…

Capital Lou Jam

We are supporting the Capital Lou jam this year, if you’re anywhere near St Louis make sure you get out to it.

The plans for the weekend are to meet up at Shady Jack’s Saloon (1432 N Broadway, St. Louis, MO) at 10a.m on Saturday, April 7th for FREE PARKING, as well as the kick-off announcements.

We will leave from there on bikes at 11a.m. to kick the Jam off. All contests will be running from 11a.m. to around 7p.m., when we’ll make our way back to Shady Jack’s to announce the winners and hand out prizes.

We will be hosting a variety of contests through out the day, including a BATTLE OF THE CREWS Instagram contest. Bring a crew, film the most fire Instagram video with them during the Jam, and win a cash prize at the end of the night.

We will also have a CUSTOM BMX Bike that we will be raffling off at the Jam to fund a FREE BBQ Cook-out the next day at a skatepark for all the riders traveling to town for the weekend.

After the Jam (8p.m.), everyone 18 and older will be invited to come inside Shady Jack’s Saloon for the After-Party / my 21st Birthday Party.
There will be full bar access (21+) & good food being served until 1a.m.

This won’t be one to miss! I hope to see you all there.

Victor Salazar in New Zealand

Hey guys, Danny Josa, Dustin Orem and myself started things off at Paul Langland’s place when we first arrived on Friday . The following day Saturday Paul had invited all the local New Zealand riders out to shred his yard for a day Jam. Sun was shining with kicks outs and moto whips!
The following day we had to take off to make our way down to the South Island for the Farm Jam. With a few stops at skateparks and dirt jumps along the way we figured the trek would take us about 4 days, giving ourself a a comfortable lead to the Farm.
Before crossing the ferry ride over to the South Island we stopped in a city called Reefton were there is one of the oldest skateparks in New Zealand! Coordinating with a few local riders from my previous trip two years ago, we were greeted with the park filled with bike riders. Shredding bikes with the local kids was epic experience.

Once we had left Reefton the weather had turned for the worst. Temperatures from the 30’s had drop to 10-15 celsius with stormy conditions.. Once we crossed over from the north Island to the South. We had landed in a city called Picton.

Stormy conditions had continued to spread throughout our journey to the Farm Jam. Due to the terrible weather the main coastal road to Queenstown was shut down! Debris and trees were scattered across the roads forcing us to detour 5 hours inland and shoot on down.

Along with the cold conditions I managed to catch a fever.. Being sick at this point was not ideal while traveling but managed to stay warm under the unique shelters while on the road to Farm Jam.

Driving all day Thursday we arrived at the Farm around 10pm. We set up camp and my sickness was just the beginning of something worse…

Waking up Friday morning at the Farm Jam was like a toss up in the washing machine. At this point rain had greeted us along with myself now having flu like sickness. Practice was called off due to the dirt jumps being way too muddy to ride. With priorities to keep the jumps dry by the boys, I am over here trying to hydrate and flush this virus out of me.

As Saturday falls upon us, the event Farm Jam is kicking off! A few thousand people are now starting to show up to the event. Friends and family are now taking course to watch the madness go down! The energy created is a surreal feeling with excitement of anticipation to see the BMX, Moto and Mtb contest.

As for me I am lethargic, weak and disappointed. I have come this far across the world to ride. Trying to stay positive I have 1 hour before the Bmx contest starts. I am now truly manifesting my abilities to ride… As I gather my strength get my myself together, I start to have clarity.

I decided to pad up and walk up to the course where all the riders were posted up waiting to drop in for the Jam.
4 o’clock comes around and I manage to have enough focus that I will take a few runs to see how things go.
As my name is announced I drop in and the jam in now in session. Gaining confidence through every jump I hit I start throwing a few tricks.

The line started small with two kicky jumps that lend into a super booty right hand hip. Landing high you were welcomed with a left hand long in low jump feature than gained a ton of speed to explode off a straight 4 meter step up jump. Once landed you were cooking on in to a giant right hand roller that dropped you like a high speed roller coaster! Lining you now up for a 7 meter booster jump! So much hang time for any trick!

At the end of the day my health improved and all the riders walked away healthy as well from the weekend
Farm jam 2018 in the books.

DCIM115GOPROG4022247.JPG Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Thanks to Danny Josa for the photos.

Alex, Chris & Kostya & Simple Session

Ride BMX posted their top 35 tricks from Simple Session and Alex Hiam, Chris James and Konstantin Andreev all scored clips in the video.

Josh Dove BNE – MLB video

Josh Dove spent a week stacking clips between Brisbane and Melbourne and came out at the end with a video part filled to the brim with style and roast. Watch this 14 year old ride like he’s been doing it for 20 years already.

Josh Dove video dropping tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be a good day! Josh Dove travels from Brisbane down to Melbourne and banged out a video packed full of style. Here’s a little teaser to get you guys hyped for its release.

How to fit Brethren Brake levers

We put together a video showing you how to fit the Brethren Brake levers, hope this helps. Any questions just leave them in the Youtube comments.

Alex & Chris at Simple Session

Alex and Chris landed just outside the top 12 who made it into the finals at Simple Session placing 13th and 16th respectively. The guys rode well and for their first trip to Estonia they must be stoked. They have some great clips within this video.

If you are just after their clips watch around the 6 minute mark…

Alex Hiam at Estonia

Alex has a tonne of good clips at the start of this video from the first Practise at Simple Session.

Spend the day with Victor Salazar

Spend the day with Victor Salazar as he hits the Clairemont park, talks about injuries then rides Linda Vista and Vista parks.

Sorry about the broken Mic, shot and cut by Chris Bracamonte.

Check out Victor’s signature colourway in the Versatil frame here.


The 2nd annual Capital-Lou-Jam is on Saturday, April 7th this year in St. Louis. Make sure you make the trip out.

Into the City Outtakes

Polly features in this raw cut of Focalpoint’s Into the City video that dropped last week. Check it out.

Product highlight – Fantastic Plastic Pedals

Our Fantastic Plastic Pedals have been one of the best selling & more popular pedals on so many riders bikes for the past ten years now. For good reason too, they have excellent grip, great shape & feel plus they just look so damn good.

We recently dropped a limited edition Rainbow colour way only available in Australia & the USA.

Grab a set before they’re all gone.

Yo yo !!

Colony Inception in Mint

The 20″ Colony Inception is now available in Mint! More info here and hit your local to check them out.

Liam Marshall bike check

Our main man over in New Zealand, Liam Marshall recently put together a fresh build. Fitted out with a
Monash 20.8″ frame, 9.4″ Sweet Tooth bars, Sweet Tooth forks, Square Back stem, 170mm 22’s cranks, CC 25t sprocket, Contour rims and Wasp hubs.

Thanks to Seth and Jared for the photos.

Clint @ Windaroo

Clint hits up an old mini ramp tucked away in the park lands of Windaroo in Brisbane.

Alex Hiam @ Woodridge park

Friday night at Woodridge, Alex tore the sub rail apart.