Nathan Sykes Q&APhotos shot by Cooper Brownlee

Nathan Sykes Q&A

What made you move to California from Oregon?

Dreams! I moved out here to chase my dreams. I wanted to keep riding my bike and keep building my clothing brand. Locals Only was the reason for me to be out here the most. I felt like I needed to be in Southern California for that brand to grow. And also Matt Cordova had a huge roll in me coming out here. He made it possible for me to live with him. Very thankful for that!

Whenever I visit you Nathan we always get some pool riding in, what is it that gets you stoked to ride, search and drain pools?

Riding pools has been something new to me the last few years. When I lived in Oregon I had never ridden a pool. So I Believe now that I have been able to ride some pools it builds a hunger to search and ride more! Draining is not my favourite part, but it’s rewarding being able to take something that is meant for family swimming and ride it like a skatepark. Little mini skateparks in everyone’s backyards!

What has been your favourite pool to ride?

That’s a hard one, but one that really sticks out in my mind was the Pala Round pool. Only was able to ride a handful of times before it was filled in again. The deep end was so perfect! I miss that pool.

How’s the motorcycle going? I know you love that thing.

The bike is good. I feel like I’m always doing something to it. Just finished building a queen seat and sissy bar for it and had some new bars fabricated. New gearing and doing some switch relocating. Just trying to keep simplifying and cleaning the bike up. I love it!!

What type of bike is it that you are riding? 

My motorcycle is a 04 Honda Shadow. It’s the VLX 600. It’s been a fun bike to have for a first (street) motorcycle. Not the best for the highways out here. But it’s a great city jammer and back roads. Only a 4 speed. But I just geared it definitely so that it’s a little better on the Freeways.

You help dig at FOD trails, how have they been running of late? Do you guys have any plans to change/add to them?

The last month we have had some really good days of riding. The weather in Southern California is nice right now. Cooler temperatures, but dry. We have had a few rainy days but nothing that’s hit the trails too bad. We have talked for a while about changing up FOD. More or less we just need to pull the trigger and make it happen.

What is Seek?

Seek is a little side project that my girlfriend and I stared a few months back. I have been building wall hangings, coffee tables, headboards and pretty much anything out of reclaimed wood. Our next goal is to get into some farms markets on the weekends and be able to have a booth. Been a fun little project and hope it keeps growing.

Where are you mainly sourcing your timber from?  

95% of the wood I’m using for my projects is coming from old pallets. One my neighbours is a contractor and he has been really helpful with giving me old pallets from his jobs. Also I have used old fence boards for a few things.

What made you choose the Cherry Red colour for your signature colour on the Tradition frame? 

When I was younger my favourite bike was the Haro X2. It was Mettalic Red and rode that frame for like 6 or 7 years!  So that’s where I first got the idea to do Red.

"it’s rewarding being able to take something that is meant for family swimming and ride it like a skatepark"

Any spots or trips you’ve been on lately that have gotten you even more stoked on BMX? 

Just did a trip about 2 or so weeks ago up to Big Bear to ride some trails. That trip was so fun. Being able to go ride a new spot with a solid crew of guys. We rode for like 6 hours straight. Couldn’t get enough of the place. And just the whole day trip was great. Had some really good Mexican food in Big Bear. Lots of laughs and good memories from that day.

Have you been doing any BMX shows with Team Soil lately?

This time of year is a little slow with shows but we just had a few this last week. I love doing shows. Getting kids stoked on BMX is so much fun. Seeing them go away from the show with a big smile on there face. It’s priceless.

But we did go to Colorado a few months back and it was amazing. Drove 1200 miles with Ryan “Barspinner” and almost hit an elk at like 10 at night in the mountains. Being on long trips are wild. Just the whole set up cruising 65 miles an hour for that long always makes for something to go down. But we had a really good trip and got home safe.