Where are you from?
I’m from Russia, Moscow

Date of Birth:
I was born in 1989, August 24th.

What got you into riding?
All my life I liked to ride a bike, I have had different bikes, but one day my childhood friend bought a BMX, I saw this bike and excited! Then my parents bought me a BMX and began my wonderful life.

What motivates you to go out and ride all the time?
BMX is my drug, my strongest emotions I experience on BMX. All my friends are riding, and we spend alot of time doing it. If I do not ride a few days I start breaking.

What style of riding do you enjoy doing the most?
I like to fly high. I like to do tricks. I have a mixed style.

Do you have any interests outside of riding?
I coach BMX in Schools. I have a brand-Energy Soul and I’m trying to develop it.

Favourite Colony product?
I love all the details. I like the Colony Teddy frame.

What do you do for a job?
Working at BMX School. That’s a small business though. And of course the demonstrations on BMX, I travel the country and perform in vert ramp demo’s for Red-Bull.

Bands you listen to:
Snoop Dogg – NBA 2K Theme,
Yung Joc – Hear me coming
Metalika – St. Anger
Kid Ink – Neva Gave A Fuck (Prod. by DJ Invasion)

Tell us something about your local scene:
Now our scene is very much evolving, skate parks began to appear, the government pays attention to us and on this we now have the skate parks. We have many talented people who ride and it is very pleasing.