Date of Birth:
22th December 1986.


How long have you been riding?
I have been riding for 10 years.

What got you interested in BMX?
Watching my friends riding BMX. that style of riding looked really powerful and inspired me to want to do it.

Biggest influences in BMX:
Anthony Watkinson. His street and park riding style is just awesome, style in the park.

Where are you living at the moment? And where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Okinawa.

What does a regular Saturday out on the bike usually consist of?
I drink coffee in the morning and I eat lunch with my friends that I go riding with and film some clips with them, then I go riding in the afternoon. At night, I eat dinner with my friends.

What are you doing for work these days?
I work for a gavage in Naha Okinawa.

Top 3 places youÅfve ridden over the years
1 Haebaru park in Okinawa. This park is my house!

2 Koga skate park in Fukuoka. This park is made of concrete, you can enjoy it because there are lots of lines. It works really well.

3 Minatonomori park in Kobe. Park is under the bridge. At night you can ride all the time because of the lights.

What are your interests outside of Riding?
I like skating at the skatepark and I like to drive cars, I love drifting!

Car you own/drive:
I drive a Toyota Chaser. We have some nice coast roads which are great for driving on.

Tell us something about your local scene:
In Okinawa, street riding is popular with riders and we like to go around to different riding spots.

What motivates you to go out and ride all the time?
I ride because Ilike to push maself and I love being able to pull off new tricks. When I can do that it’s the best feeling!

Favourite place you’ve travelled to and why?
I love travelling to Fukuoka, It’s a great city and the food is delicious. The girls are hot too – just don’t tell my girlfriend I said that!

Good meals to eat:
My favorite is Sushi. I also love Soba which are buckwheat noodles.

Give us some bands/musicians you are into these days:
My favorite band is Mr.BIG, Footloose and Clean Bandit. I often listen to Clean Bandit when riding.

Favourite Colony product?
Colony 22 Cranks are 2 piece and are easier to put on my bike. They can hold a lot weight and they are light. I like them a lot!

What has BMX has taught you:
It’s taught me how much fun sport can be. I’ve been able to meet a lot of people through BMX. And most of all it’s taught me never to give up.

The usual thanks.
I’d like to than Fumie Miyashita at Vancho Bike. He came down to Okinawa to help me shoot the video for Colony.

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