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Tim Storey & Menace Guard Sprocket

Tim Storey smashing it with the Menace Guard Sprocket

Tim Storey Anyway Plastic Pegs

Tim Storey giving the Anyway plastic pegs a good going over.

Tim Storey Video

Tim Storey put in some serious work filming for his new video over the past year and the end result is proof of that! Mostly filmed whilst he was living in China along with a trip to Berlin and then finishing it off nicely back home in AUS. Massive thanks to Marius Dietsche for filming most of this project.


Tim Storey has been non stop over in China stacking clips. Here’s some leftover goodness from himself and a bunch of friends, local and not so local.

China Tales – Part One

Tim Storey moved over to Beijing, China earlier in the year and has been super productive the whole time He put out a great video part recently from his trip and just yesterday he out out this BTS style vid of his time over there with the crew. Check it out.

Tim Storey – Living in China

Tim Storey is currently living in China and wasted no time exploring and stacking clips for this video.

Shot by Marius Dietsche.

That’s It! mixtape

Tim Storey might be living in China at the moment but you wouldn’t know it from all the videos he’s been putting out. Here’s a 10 minute mixtape he’s been filming whilst out with a few crews from around AUS. Tim has some good clips in this, check it out.

Tim Storey “Ah Well” DVD section

Tim Storey coming through with a great video part from the dvd he put out last year under the name “Ah Well”, check it out.

Still Toey

Tim Storey features in this new mixtape from Dylan Steinhardt up in Brisbane. Well worth a watch!

Tim Storey video

Tim Storey has been stacking clips over the past few months with the homies and he’s come out the other side with a video stacked with great clips.

Tim Storey video drops tomorrow!

Tim recently broke his wrist but finished up filming for this part just before it happened. Here’s a little teaser for the video that drops tomorrow!

CLVLND mixtape

Tim Storey has some clips in this new mixtape from the CLVLND boys around Brisbane, check it out.

Tim Storey video

Tim Storey stacking some solid clips over the past few months after finishing his AH Well DVD section.

Filmed by Mason Ainsworth and Dylan Steinhardt.


Keep an eye out for a new Brisbane based video dropping soon that will have some fresh Tim Storey footage along with some other great riders from the state.


Tim Storey and the CLVLND crew have been hard at working filming for a new DVD based out of Brisbane, Australia. Tim will have a full section and Alex will have a stack of clips so be on the look out for this to drop in the coming months.

Tim Storey clips

This A frame rail looks super fun. Whilst Tim and his crew were over in SF recently they guys got in a heavy session on it.

Tim Storey AH Well leftovers

Tim Storey is currently filming for another CLVLND DVD titled “AH Well” This video is the clips filmed in the past 6 months that wont be used.

The video will be out mid next year and will be free for anyone after a copy. Based off these clips it looks like it will be a good watch.

Tim Storey road trippin’

Tim put together this video from a trip he took over to Adelaide with a good bunch of friends. Good vibes throughout.

Tim Storey / Jayden Fuller video

Tim and Jayden session the Nerang park in Queensland good and proper.

Filmed by Chris Storey / Edited by Tim Storey.

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Alex Hiam & Tim Storey GoPro session

Alex and Tim get in a session at Fairfield park in Brisbane and film the good times on their GoPro. Plenty of smooth lines in this.

Tim Storey welcome video

Tim recently joined the family and got straight to work on a welcome video. He blasts out a great variety of moves on the streets of Australia.

Filmed by: Dylan Steinhardt, Lason Ainsworth and Alex Hiam.
Edited by: Tim Storey.

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Welcome to the team – Tim Storey

Tim is someone that not only kills it on a bike but he is also doing his part to help build the scene around his area of Brisbane which is something I respect very much. So when the opportunity came up to be able to help Tim out with some parts we jumped at it. Tim is a productive dude so expect some great stuff from him soon. For now you can check out his new rig below along with his recent video.

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